christmas card photo ideas

Since Steve & I have a lovely German daughter, Tessa as part of our family this year, we thought it would be fun to join the masses who send out photo cards each season.  We wanted to have fun with our faux family so I started seeking out clever card ideas & found all kinds of inspiring options ~ like these cute couple Christmas cards…

from Meadowbrook Farm

from Rock n Roll Bride

from A Bryan Photo

and these sweet Christmas photos of kids…

from A Well Rounded Mamma

from Ron Putman Photography

from Joop Joop

and fun family Christmas card photo ideas…

from the McClure blog

from Dandelion Wishes Photography

from the BMC Report

and we can’t forget our furry family members…

from house of earnest

from hohum cards

from hohum cards

our very own furry elf, Gus

and the humorous campy~kitschy route..

from Trevor Navarra

from The Daily Green

from Awkward Family Pet Photos (we also have the book available at our stores)

So after all my research…we’ve decided to take the funny route ~ stay tuned ;-)

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