great gift wrapping tips and tricks

Now that you found the perfect present for that special someone… wrap it up in a way that makes them want to discover what treasures are inside!

inexpensive gift wrapping ideas

Here are a few inexpensive and creative ways to make your gifts stand out from the rest.

6th Street Design School transforms ordinary kraft paper into pretty packages with the help from some circle dot stickers, pom poms and metallic markers.

I love how these sticker dots look on newsprint too!

Want a simple-to-make showy gift topper?  Head on over to Creature Comforts to see how you can use coffee filters to make this fluffy flower.

Look at what Bliss Bloom Blog did with a  little bit of washi tape to spice up a plain brown bag.

washi tape gift wrap

Or if you don’t have ribbon… create craft love shows you how to use washi tape instead.

And if you need a bow, you can always transform a colorful magazine page into one.  Head over to How About Orange for an easy tutorial.

paint chip gift tags

Terra Savvy scouted out fun green paint chips and turned them into some terribly cute tree tags.

How cute is this idea from Miss Webbie?  This would have been helpful when I was a kid because I remember having to wait FOREVER to open up my presents at grandpa and grandma’s house.

Got extra cupcake liners from your Christmas baking?  With a little help from a glue gun, Factory Direct Craft shows you how to turn them into fancy flowers.

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