FUNctional kitchen finds

Cooking and cleaning might not be your idea of fun, but at least these clever and quirky finds will add a little spice to the everyday grind.

fun kitchen gifts

1.  Just realized you’re out of paprika in the middle of making dinner?  No worries with this helpful book $9.99
2.  Use this thirsty Swedish dish towel to clean up wet messes and cut your paper towel consumption in half $6.95
3.  Let angry mama take care of your microwave messes – her steam keeps thing clean $10.95
4.  Cover blubber beats plastic wrap hands down $3.95+
5.  A nice reminder in case any of your kids are giving you grief while preparing dinner $11.95
6.  Say goodbye to your hands smelling like garlic and onions with this snazzy soap $10.95
7.  Tis’ the season to clean out the fridge and put chilly mama in charge of keeping thing smelling fresh $14.95
8.  Keep your berries fresh for longer by adding this all natural paper to the container $9.95
9.  Planning out your menu and grocery trip is half the battle. This preforated pad makes it easy to get organized $5.95  
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