happy happy gift guide

We love finds that bring happiness to our lives so we put together a bright collection of treasures that bring BIG smiles.

happy gifts
1.  Keep your favorite place or people in plain view with this handmade happy memory photo block $12.95
2.  Who makes your heart happy?  Make sure they know with this sweet sign $12.95
3.  We can’t think of a more happy way to start your day $10.95
4.  Spread a little sunshine by leaving lovely notes for people to find $11.95
5.  We believe happy times should be celebrated every day $14.95
6.  Those who plant kindness gather love $2
7.  When is the last time you sent a cute card just to brighten someone’s day? $14.95
8.  We couldn’t agree more $7.95
9.  This sweet little bluebird spreads a little happiness where it goes $3.25 
10.  Isn’t it really about finding the joy that is already around you? $15.95 
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