Whimsical Ways To Decorate Your Easter Eggs

working collageWhat a fun way to decorate Easter eggs – with a Sharpie marker! There are bold, to thin tips in Sharpies nowadays and you can easily use the variety of colors as well. Check out some fun, yet easy ways to decorate your eggs this year…egg1Create random designs and little doodles – gems, triangles, hash marks, lines, and curly q’s.egg2Make your own retro style Easter eggs featuring everyone’s nursery rhyme favorite.egg3Try these simple designs with some of your favorite words and this super cute way to display them in a bird’s nest made from random shredded papers.egg4Anyone can create these cute dotted Easter eggs by using craft stickers to create designs around.egg5Choose all different colors and marker sizes and let your imagination go wild! Simple enough for the little one’s too!egg6For fancier designs, dye the eggs first and then decorate with a gold or silver Sharpie.
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