earth friendly goodies

Make everyday Earth Day with some of these finds that are kind to our pretty goodies

1.  The birds will flock to this fabulous felted wool birdhouse which is naturally water repellant.  Each one is handmade with sustainable harvested materials in a fair trade environment $29.95
2.  Reduce waste by toting your favorite hot or cold beverage around in this gorgeous glossy tumbler $24.95
3.  Tote your goods around in this cute zippered birdy bag created from 95% post consumer recycled material (also fits perfectly under an airplane seat!) $16.95
4.  Fashion that is fair trade and up-cycled is always in style in our books $5.95
5.  Reduce wasted produce with this magical all natural fresh paper $9.95
6.  Your skin and nose will thank you for using this amazing smelling organic lotion $10.95
7.  This magical cloth designed in Europe removes 99% of bacteria just using water! $21.95
8.  Reduce your use of paper towel with this super absorbant all natural swedish dish cloth $6.95
9.  Skip the pesky plastic wrap on top of your leftovers with these clever cover blubbers $3.95+  
Shop all Earth Friendly Finds HERE


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