eggcellent easter treats

Make your Easter Basket eggstra special with one of these fabulous finds…

easter basket gifts

1.  What happens when you mix paint by numbers and mosaics?  Paint by sticker! $9.95
2.  Take your sidewalk art to the next level with this super cool giant spirograph kit $13.95
3.  Let your loved ones know they are somebunny special with these cute socks $6.95
4.  Brushing your hair has never been so fun with this sweet scented hair brush $12.95
5.  Pair these magical markers with a coloring book for a fun Easter activity $8.95
6.  Bursts of bubbles always bring big smiles  $7.95
7.  Get in the spring spirit by doodling flower tattoos $5.95
8.  Fly away to fairyland with these wonderful wings $18.95
9.  Join nature’s song with this classic bird warbler $1.25 
10.  A little extra sparkle is always a good idea $9.95
11.  This too cool putty is way cooler than the traditional kind you find in eggs $15.95
12.  This silly pig specializes in making pencils sharp $5.95
13.  Did you get the memo?  Unicorns are the new bunnies $21.95
14.  Include this cool ball for an out-of-this-world Easter basket $9.95
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