ultra-cool upcycled plastic bottles

collageDIY recycling projects are always cool, especially when you can turn your trash into something new and useful. Check out these 6 cute crafts, so cute it’s hard to believe that they’re made out of an empty plastic water bottles.zipper caseOrganize your kids art table by making these cute zipper containers to store art supplies.Water-Bottle-Wind-Spiral-Craft-TutorialDecorate your campsite by hanging these colorful wind spirals made from water bottles.terreriumKeep it pretty – cut off the tops of empty bottles and make small greenhouses for your seedlings or cuttings.
planterUpcycle old coke bottles and turn them into cute flower pots.
flowersOne of our favorites has to be these big, beautiful, colorful flowers made from 2-liter pop bottles.nite liteMake these sweet fairy house night lights that you can use anywhere in your home, including a child’s room or a nursery.
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