Easy DIY Printables For Teacher Gifts

1Want to give a teacher a gift that is super easy and that you know the teacher will LOVE? With the end of the school year just a few short weeks away, we decided to help you find some easy and cute gift idea’s to give your child’s teachers!berriesJust print out one of these customizable tags and attach it to a simple gift like this darling berry bowl.chapstickWe love this lip balm card free printable. This cute card is easy to make by using cardstock, a little strip of washi tape and your favorite lip balm.good handsDon’t wait until the last minute to get your act together. Just snag this free printable, pick up a few lovely lotions or hand soaps, and you’ll be all set. growGrab a few cute pots and plant a little succulent in them. Add a little something extra with this free printable to make your gift even better! keyHere is a nice and practical gift that is sure to please any teacher…print it HERE.little somethingIf a little gift basket is more your style, how about filling a jar with a few of your favorite things and this cute tag?
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