Make Pretty Paper Flowers for Mother’s Day

title picDIY flowers are a great way for kids to create a colorful and memorable Mother’s Day gift with low-cost craft supplies and just a little bit of time. Show her how much you love her with a handmade flowers by trying one of our fun & easy crafts for Mother’s Day! egg-cont-flowersBefore you throw away your empty egg cartons, consider saving them too make egg carton flowers in a vase. If you happen to be looking for a fun k-cup craft, you can recycle them into vases!flower-potThe kids will have a blast making these picture flowers out of cupcake papers. A fun, simple mother’s day craft that is all kinds of HAPPY.hand-foot-flowersThis hand and foot print flower craft that’s complete with a vase is perfect for anyone planning on making mom smile, maybe even cry a little on Mother’s Day.pipe-cleaner-flowersA lot of  the items for these cute little pots came from the Dollar Tree: pots, paper shred, pipe cleaners, and popsicle sticks, making it super affordable to would have thought that paper towels could look this LOVELY!tissue-paper-flowersHere’s an easy peasy 3D tissue paper flower craft that’s great for little hands to practice their cutting and threading skills.
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