battle the “I’m bored” blues

It’s been just under a month since the kids said so-long to school.  Are you hearing “I’m bored yet?”  Here are a few electronic free ideas that will help keep them happy campers.   Shop all kids fun HERE.

Outdoor Adventures

1. Take your sidewalk chalk to another level with these cool design tools $13.95
2.  Bounce away all day with this mighty powerful moon ball $9.95
3. Get ready for some serious bubble battles $7.95
4. Plan your next great capper with some help from these walkie talkies $13.95
5.  The fourth may be over but you can still keep the party going with these classic snappers $.75
6.  Join the butterflies and flutter away with these cool wings $19.95

Creative Kiddos

1.  Turn yarn into a whole collection of cute critters with this cool kit $19.99
2.  Master your marvelous letter writing skills with some help from this snazzy book $14.95
3.  We love new twists on old ideas… Paint by Sticker $9.95
4.  Catch the sun while it’s still shining with these pretty paper shapes $9.95
5.  Always have a rainbow of colors available at your finger tips $8.95
6.  Create your own movie with this way cool kit $22.95


1.  This magic ring will reveal the color of your mood and attitude $4
2.  Take your fingernails to the next level with these cool tutorials  $21.99
3.   Get whiffs of the wonderful smell of watermelon when you use this sweet scented hair brush $12.95
4.  Ink some of your favorite doodles with these body pens  $5.95
5.  Color and doodle your way through the wonderful world of fashion $19.95
6.  Because glitter makes everything more glamorous $9.95
7.  Watch the color of your nails change in the sun with this fun nail polish set $9.95

Bring on the Books

1.  Q & A a day is a great way to create memories with your kid throughout the whole year  $16.95
2.  Give that library card a work out this summer $12.95
3.  We love these books for long road trips $9.99
4.  Learn magnificent magic tricks that will astonish your friends and family  $19.95
5.  Create your very own robot army with junk you find around your house $24.95
6.  Study the stars in this bedtime book and then spot them in the sky this summer $12.99
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