kid-friendly frozen drinks for summer

Keep cool with these kid-friendly slushy recipes that are perfect for sharing with friends & family on hot, sunny days.


This simple two ingredient recipe combines frozen watermelon and lemonade for a delicious, refreshing frozen beverage!


You can use whatever frozen fruit you like for these. Get a bag of three different kinds of berries or even a tropical mix of fruit. Pick your favorite kinds and you’ll love the result!


Use frozen iced tea cubes for this slushy recipe. Add some lemon sherbet and fresh strawberries and of course, more sweet tea to get the right slushy consistency!


This recipe for tropical slushy’s is so healthy and full of fresh fruit juice and frozen fruit.  No need for added sugar which makes this recipe a real winner!


This slushy can last a couple of days. Tastes like the classic popsicle, but a healthier and drinkable version!


This drink tastes like summer in a glass. Between the sweet coconut, tart lime, and the slushy consistency, it will have you feeling like you should be sitting on a beach somewhere.


The secret to this fabulous slushy? Just blueberries and kiwis, a splash of water, and a tiny bit of sugar too.


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