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So many memories made are during these laid back summer months. Remember them all year long with one of these handmade photo frames.  These are some of our team’s favorites.

My parents always say “all they want are pictures of their angels” (only a grandparent would refer to kids that way) as presents. This frame is perfect because it is big enough to fit a larger photo and easy to change as they grow.  $35.95

I love this sweet frame to remind my mom that I love her! The soft colors fit into any room and the style of the frame is unique. This is a great gift any time of the year for that special mom! $29.95

I love my dog, but she -is- a puppy, and sometimes…

This little photo block is a fun way to check up on how my dog’s been doing! Not that we’re serious, but how funny is it to come home to see “good dog” or “bad dog” with your pup’s picture? This tiny block fits anywhere, and holds the perfect sized pic of your pup! $12.95

I find the average picture frame to be REALLY frustrating. This isn’t like those ones. The clip on this, and so many of the other rustic frames is perfect, easy! I can change the picture whenever I want (partner, aunt, mom, friends), and the background (which I love) is versatile enough to go with pictures of various color schemes. $21.95

I love the earth tone colors and simplicity of the message on this handmade ribbon frame. $37.95

Everyone has their own special story about their relationship, whether its how how they met, dated, traveled or married. And, for some, the story of kids fits into the “us” part of the story. So whether you switch out the picture with new adventures or keep a special photo in this frame to forever admire, the “story of us” is a special one! $29.95

I bought this frame as a thank you gift for a friend who had a new baby boy. She loved the quote from Winnie The POOH! $37.95

This frame is perfect, not only because the colors are simple and lovely, but because it sums up family perfectly. They are everything. I love, love, love this frame. $35.95

..because some of our oldest friends are our best friends ❤️ I love this reversible photo block because you can choose whether you want to be silly or sweet – either way it’s a perfect choice to celebrate treasured friends. $13.95

I went to Ireland with a friend and afterwards I gave her this frame! She loved it and it will always highlight that great trip. $37.95

This frame is perfect for a childhood friend of mine. The color scheme will go perfectly with her neutral decor and the sentiment describes what we’ve been for many years. Of course we have many photos that will be perfect for this wonderful gift. $14.95

This frame is simple but beautiful, which makes it very versatile and perfect for anyone. It can be easily switched up for different photos if you’re indecisive like me, and the classic style looks wonderful anywhere. $21.95
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