we love michigan yes we do

It’s no secret we love our great state and these are just a few goodies that show it off.

Mitten Style

1. Take your  happy place wherever you roam with this adjustable Michigan bangle $24.95
2.  Add a little rustic beauty to your nest and place the heart wherever you wish $13.95
3.  Goals… filling up up this cool beer cap trap with different beers from the mitten $38.95
4. Have you hit all of these marvelous Michigan breweries yet?  $21.95
5.  Where does your heart belong? $28.50

In The Kitchen

1.  Bake up a batch of state shaped sugar cookies for you next road trip up north. $4.95
2.  Let’s toast to terrific tasting Michigan wine $10.95
3.  Splice and dice your Michigan produce on this beautiful bamboo cutting board $21.95
4.  Get a geography lesson while you’re baking a batch of cookies $12.95
5.  Dry your hands on our hand shaped state with this cute kitchen towel $18.95
6.  Did you know that iced tea tastes better served in a Michigan themed glass? $13.95

Books, Puzzles and More

1.  Looking for some interesting stops to see on your next Michigan road trip? $19.95
2.  Get the conversation rolling around the campfire with these cool convo starters $10.95
3.  It’s never too early to teach your little ones about our great state $9.95
4.  ABC your way through what Michigan is most known for $17.95
5.  Go on an adventure with these silly mice to see what makes Michigan so nice $14.95
6.  Unplug and have some ole fashioned fun with this cool collaged puzzle  $16.95
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