backdrops for babies

Everyone loves taking pictures of their kids, but let’s be honest: having a nice background for those photos bumps them up from a 9 to a 10. Try some of these fun, handmade, easy backdrops and get professional-quality photos for a fraction of the price!

Any little one can help with this — have them choose their favorite color and help paint the backdrop! You’ll get a unique and sweet backdrop, and it gives your kids a chance to be creative.

By far, this is our easiest backdrop: simply take a roll of wrapping paper, hang it, and roll it down to the floor! It makes a simple but beautiful backdrop for your kids, and you can tailor it to any holiday or event you wish.

For that soft and out-of-focus look, try this: all you need are lights and space. You can use Christmas lights (or any other lights that you have lying around) and move your child closer and further away from them for the bokeh look.

We love this mom’s idea: 52 pictures for every week of her baby’s first year, taken on different patterns of fabric. For small ones, this is a simple and sweet idea, and can be displayed in a baby book or in your home!

If you want a backdrop that is colorful and fun to make your kid’s birthday extra special, try this! It’s minimal effort for maximum results — all you need are balloons, construction paper, and (optional) confetti — and we’re sure your kid will love it.

For this backdrop, all you need is construction paper! You simply cut out strips and make them into chains. For an added bonus, have older little ones help you with it!

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