7 bedtime bites for kids

While we all know that eating big meals before bed is not a good idea, sometimes it’s impossible to get your kids to sleep without giving them a little snack. Here are six options that are simple to make and will satisfy that craving without ruining their appetites for meals!

Chips at bedtime? Your kids will love them! These baked apple chips are both healthy and delicious, for kids and adults.

While these graham cracker, chocolate, and banana “cakes” aren’t the healthiest, they’re small and sure to make your hungry child happy.

These oatmeal bars are delicious and quick to make, without even any baking involved. Oatmeal is a food that’s excellent to help people fall asleep, and the chocolate makes them perfect for kids.

Another simple recipe, this dish of ice cream calls for two things: bananas and peanut butter. A winning combination that’s sure to help your kids fall asleep, it’s sure to make them happy as well: after all, it’s ice cream at bedtime!

With just a few different fruits, these sleepytime popsicles are sure to please and will help your child fall asleep. They can be catered to your child’s favorite flavors, but bananas and cherries are known to help people fall asleep!

This vanilla cake oatmeal is perfect for adults or children! It’s sweet but not overly sugary, so it won’t keep your little ones awake past their bedtime.


For a different take on “sleepytime” foods, try this sleepytime gelatin! Just two servings has 100mg of magnesium, which is an herb that will help your children fall asleep, again. And when gelatin is homemade rather than store-bought, it’s much healthier. Sounds perfect to us!

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