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It’s hard not to take things home when you work in a whimsical world filled with tempting goodies.  These are the latest finds that are on our wish list.

This is the cutest wine glass for wine lovers and dog lovers alike. Perfect for my friends who are “dog ladies”. $12.95

Who wouldn’t love to receive a set of these gorgeous coasters? Perfect for your cottage Up North, too! $15.95

This book is fabulous for adults and children alike. It provides not only a list of wonderful books, but little facts about the book and a place to write your review of the book. Children will love the “new” books to explore and adults will love revisiting their childhood. $12.95

“Is it time to make cupcakes? OR give directions to an AMAZING city in MI?” Great gift if you are traveling, fits well in any carry on bag. $12.95

I absolutely love this beautiful planner! Every page is so pretty that I’m hoping it will help me keep track of my life a little better- and make me smile every time I look at it. I can hardly wait until January to get to really use it! $13.99

This is an exceptionally cute mug for dog lovers! It has a warm sentiment printed inside the top of the mug that makes it cuter yet! It is dishwasher safe and microwavable. Great for gift giving! $16.95

I write. A lot. And I am never without a little notebook to jot down bits and pieces of stories. So this compact, soft journal is just the perfect size to take with me on road trips, hikes, or just to the coffee shop. It’s lightweight, and even has inspirational quotes to provide a little umph to keep writing. I can’t wait to fill this up through the rest of the year! $7.95

So I can be a goof. I love puppets, even though I’m in my mid-twenties. It’s very flexible and my kitten loves attacking it. Play yourself the jaws theme, put on shark week, and have a blast! $6.95

This book explains differences between many commonly misused words. It includes examples as well as clever tips and tricks to help you remember the correct word usage. Would be a great gift for a writer, editor, or student! $6.99

One of the best things about our state are the great lakes and this delicate Michigan made necklace celebrates them in a clever and stylish way. $26.95

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