celebrating cheryl

With a sad, yet happy heart we’d like to celebrate Cheryl Jones as she is moving on to enjoy a life of retirement.   For the past ten years, she has played an important role in three out of four of our locations.

Cheryl first joined our catching fireflies team in Berkley.  We happily welcomed her to our whimsical world and it wasn’t long before she became a master of making days brighter.

She has always been eager to volunteer for charity opportunities throughout the years.  Her heart is naturally empathic which gave her the beautiful ability to connect with fellow firefly fans going through sad seasons.

In 2010 an opportunity to manage our sister store, yellow door art market became available and we knew she would be the perfect fit.  This position gave her the opportunity to really shine.  She lead a brand new team and worked regularly with over 70 local artists.   It’s no surprise that this new shop was a success right from the start under her leadership.

Cheryl has always been a great sport when it came to getting dirty.  She has painted her share of coats at the yellow door and for our Rochester catching fireflies’ remodel.

Although Cheryl loved working with all the artists at yellow door, an opportunity to work in her backyard came to light in 2012 and for the past five years she has been the friendly face of our Rochester catching fireflies.

Cheryl was always up for modeling our fashion finds and had fun with it.  There’s no doubt she will have many scarves in her closet that will remind her of catching fireflies.

And it’s not a coincidence that she celebrated many Best Gift Shop wins with us over the years.  I know she has made memories with many of our firefly fans and team members that will not be forgotten.
Thank you Cheryl for sharing the past ten years with us.  Your terrific talents will be missed dearly but you’ll always be part of the catching fireflies story.  We wish you all the best in your next chapter of life.

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