large coffee please

September brings back schedules and structure which usually also involves early mornings and after school commitments. Keep going strong all day long with a few of these clever coffee finds…

1. Just in case anyone questioned how you take your coffee… this sign makes for a subtle reminder $9.95
2.  This heat sensitive cup will turn your sleepy lids into bright eyes after you down your favorite brew  $13.95
3. Make drying dishes a bit more fun with this silly statement $11.95
4. Keep your coffee hot hot hot for up to 3 hours and look super stylish with this pretty insulated tumbler $24.95
5.  Need a double dose to get the day started?  Pop in one of these coffee scented shower bursts for a steamy experience that smells divine $10.95
6.  When your boss questions your slow start to the work day $6.95


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