baby love gift guide

Little ones are born everyday but did you know September and August are the most popular month for birthdays?  (must be all that winter snuggling)  So if you  have a new baby to meet or have an invitation to a baby shower, here are some goodies that are sure to make any new mom smile.

unique and useful

1. Meal time will be a little less of a mess with this too cool mini mat that suctions right to the table or highchair $19.95
2.  Little ones love to grip this light weight teether to sooth their gums $6.95
3. This blankie covers all the bases and is sure to be a baby’s best friend  $23.95
4. Turn meal time into a ton of fun with these clever utensils $21.95
5. Stay free from a sprinkling pee pee with some help from these too cute teepees $10.95
6.  Swaddling blankets are the best and when they are made out of snuggly bamboo they are even better  $18.95

sweet and sentimental

1.  Put your favorite photos of your little one on display with a handmade frame $35.95
2.  Slip this sweet magnet into a congratulations card for the new parents $5.50
3.  Document you baby’s dearest days with this great milestone card set $26
4.  Wish you baby the sweetest dreams each night with this adorable story $6.99
5. Babies change so fast and these month markers make for great memories $12.95
6.  Personalized birth announcement prints are the perfect addition to a nursery wall $24.95

for the laughs

1.  Make your little one’s legs extra magical with these too cute unicorn socks $8.95
2.  Nothing wrong with starting their love of literature young $9.99
3.  Hilarious tips for raising tiny humans $9.95
4.  Parents of any toddler know the list of ridiculous reasons why kids cry.  Be comforted that you are not alone  $15
5.  This sealed fortune telling baby tee is sure to get lots of laughs at any baby shower $14.95
6.  100 funny and heartfelt reasons to join the adventure of parenthood $10.95

baptism and christening

1.  Remember your little one’s special spiritual day with a personalized cross $26.50
2.  A beautiful collection of God’s promises to us $12.95
3.  A lovely reminder that even small lights can shine bright $8.95
4.  Include this inspiring token inside a card celebrating the special day $2
5.  Showcase a photo of your little miracle in a handmade frame  $21.95
6. This little lamb was made for snuggling $8.95
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