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Moving is exhausting and exciting all at the same time.  One of the exciting things is being able to make it your cozy home.  Help your friends and family get that started with a thoughtful housewarming gift they will remember  Shop all housewarming gifts HERE.

Functional Finds

1. Add a little color to their kitchen with these fun felt trivets $19.95
2.  Invite these friendly salt & pepper mushrooms to your kitchen counter to spice things up $11.95
3. Cleaning is never fun, so you might as well have some fun gloves to scrub any left behind grime away $16.95
4. How perfect is this clock to feather your new nest? $59.95
5.  Show up with a plate of cookies to share and this thoughtful giving plate $14.95
6.  Get them giggling with this always popular gurgle pot $39.95

Sweet Sentiments

1.  …because it’s the family that really makes a house a home  $35.95
2.  Adorn your entry with this sweet blessing $7.95
3.  A most beautiful way to welcome guests and family everyday $13.95
4.  Personalize your new fridge with this silly magnet clip $7.95
5.  Pretty rooms and lovely neighborhoods still can’t compete with the ones that you love $34.95
6.  Put your family in print with this pretty typography wall art $24.95


Michigan Love

1.  This hand embroidered dish towel shows off all the lovely areas of our great state $18.95
2.  Home is where your heart is and you can move this magnet to wherever you hang your hat in our great state $13.95
3.  Adorn your wall with this beautfiul and rustic representation of our great state $34.95
4. Slice and dice your dinner on this hardy bamboo cutting board shaped like our great state  $21.95
5.  Come with a six pack of your favorite Michigan brews and a couple of these great pilsner glasses $13.95
6.  Keep your coffee table ring free and looking gorgeous with these hand crafted coasters $15.95
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