six super simple slime recipes!

As it gets colder, your littles can’t play outside as much. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve got some DIY slimes for you and your kids to play with, and there’s sure to be something here to entertain any kid.

First up is this beautiful rainbow slime! It’s simple — you buy the glue already colored and full of glitter — and has a beautiful result. Your kids will love playing with it!

Next up, we’ve got something that’s sure to please even your older kids — heat-sensitive slime! The recipe also has an explanation for how it works, so this can be used as a fun activity as well as a learning experience.

For another great glitter-filled recipe, try this galaxy slime! The author of the recipe used it as a chance to teach kids about the night sky, which we think is an excellent idea.

Really entertain your kids with Professor Figgy’s Glow Slime! They’re sure to feel like a real mad scientist when they’re playing with this.

For another slime that seems to change colors the more that you look at it, try out this duochrome slime! We think it looks awesome.

And finally, we have a mix between kinetic sand and DIY slime — kinetic slime! You can shape it any way you want, or simply play with it like you would any other slime.

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