treats and tricks

Need some extra special goodies for your favorite ghouls and goblins?  We have too cool tricks and tempting treats that will make them howl with delight!  Shop all Halloween goodies HERE.

the tricks

1. Turn these gummy bugs into fireflies when you pick them up with magical lighted tongs $2
2. Where did that giggle come from?  The stick is the trick!  $7.95
3. Whoopee cushions… one of the oldest tricks in the book $1.95
4. For more farting fun you will need to add the fartzooka to your arsenal $9.95
5.  Twist and turn this addictive putty for color changing fun $11.95
6. Snap crackle and pop these on your driveway for old time fun $.75
7.  Shark loving kids… this super scary puppet is for you $6.95
8.  Who wouldn’t love an extra million in the bank?  $.95
9.  Transform your pencil into a wand and make your mistakes disappear $4.95

the treats

1.  See this puzzle come to life when it glows in the dark $11.99
2.  Keep your hair looking lovely and smelling sweet with this scented brush $12.95
3.  Lips have never looked so magical before $5.95
4.  Classic candy with a surprise fizz $2.25 for 3 packs
5.  Happy or sad… this mood ring will tell what attitude you have $4
6.  Best tasting fruity gum ever made… even if it does only lsast a few flavorFULL minutes  $1.95
7.  Shoot monster eyeballs to keep those scary zombies away $11.95
8.  Create super silly stories with some help from mad libs $4.99
9.  Drawing pictures is even more fun when you have color changing markers $8.95


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