2017 guys gift guide

We do love our guys but aren’t they a hard bunch to buy for sometimes? That’s why we do our best to seek out silly, clever and functional finds that will get your guys grinning this season. Shop ALL GUYS GIFTS

The Guy Who Has Everything

1. Who wouldn’t appreciate over 40 pages of affirmations stating why they are so awesome?  Ranging from silly to sweet, this little book will be worth far more than the price you paid once filled out by a loved one  $10.95
2.  Bacon you can take with you wherever you go? Ummmmm… YES PLEASE!  Perfect for those bacon emergencies *as seen on Shark Tank!  $9.95
3.  Just add your guy’s favorite snack to this bowl along with a pass to spend a whole weekend binging on his favorite Netflix show and you’ve won his heart for sure! 17.95
4.  Whether you need to keep beverages steaming hot or icy cold, this cool canteen can do it for 12 – 25 hours!  $27.95
5.  Keep a few of these top trivia facts in your back pocket to impress the ladies or to keep cocktail conversations interesting $19.95
6. My husband’s hands turn into sandpaper come mid November so when this magic lotion came in, I grabbed one for him and can testify that it does do an amazing job keeping Steve’s paws soft and moisturized  $15.95
7.  If your guy is loco for tacos… he might need these socks… paired with a gift card to his favorite taco joint  $10

Stocking Stuffers 

1.  Be the MacGyver of your office with this handy pen that doubles as a ruler and screwdriver $12.95
2.  Add a little extra entertainment to your card game with these fun rock-n-roll playing cards $11.95
3.  If you guy is married to Mrs. Always Right… he might need this desk sign $6.95
4.  Funny and practical!  Trap a Crap will do just that!  $9.95
5. For that smoked hickory after taste you’ve been longing for ;-)  $2.95
6. This putty will help you brainstorm the best ideas… plus it’s just fun to play with  $11.95+
7.  More fidget fun with Speks!  $25.95
8.  Always be prepared to kick back with a cold one after a nice bike ride $3.95

For Some Good Laughs 

1.  …just in case there was any question in the matter $9.95
2.  A must have for any Star Wars fan  $16.95
3.  For your favorite guys with big feet ;-)  $10.95
4.  Guaranteed fun for any couple to flip through and see their compatibility score  $12.95
5. Finally… a glass that tells it like it is $10.95
6.   We believe a little laughter goes a long way when it comes to hard days at the office $6.95

Grandpa Already Has Everything

1.  Keeping things classy with one of our favorite presidents $10
2.  Say goodbye to those unreachable itches with this clever cactus scratcher $12.95
3.  A most funny gift for grandpa… and the grandkids will love it too! $16.95
4.  Putting your dreams on paper is the next step of making them happen and do just that with this helpful journal $12.99
5.  Being old is just a state of mind $8.95
6. This simple mug tells it like it is. Fill it with his favorite beans for a sweet gift from the kids $14.95

My Michigan 

1.  Take a walk back in time and find hope for the future with this great coffee table book $19.95
2.  Always have a bottle opener on hand to crack into your favorite Michigan brew $7.95
3.  Celebrate your favorite Michigan sports teams with these cool playing cards $11.95
4.  Michigan craft beer lovers… this print was made for you $21.95
5. Is this on your Tiger’s Fan bookshelf? $19.95
6. Put together all the many pieces of one of your favorite stadiums $16.95
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