2017 Secret Santa Gift Guide

Do you have a co-worker or friend to surprise this season? Line up some sweet, silly and useful gifts that will have them wondering who is the gift guru behind the scenes.

Under $5

1.  Take on your headache with a little help from some steamy aromatherapy $4.95
2.   Bake something sweet and add on this cute sign 4.95
3.   Because everyone could use some extra fidgety fun at the office $3.95
4.    Tis the season for list making, so your pad of paper might as well be cute and festive $3.95
5. Spread some cheer with a seed of happiness $2
6. Just in case you might need some extra help $1.95
7.  Who doesn’t love these ladies and surprise stories that make you laugh? $4.99
8. Keep important pills hidden away in this hilarious giant pill case $4.99
9.  Throw a cute gift card into this sweet coin purse $4.95

Under $10

1.  What tree is complete without an ugly Christmas sweater ornament? $8.95
2.  Everyone could use some silly socks to make their day brighter $8.95
3.  Reviewing documents aren’t as bad when you have scented highlighters $8.95
4.  A month’s worth of smiles… the gift that keeps on giving  $7.95
5.  A pretty candle that smells amazing… always a good idea $9.95
6.  How cute would this desk sign be paired with a gift card from Starbucks?  $6.95
7.  Don’t stress about having to do number two now that you have poo-pourri $9.95
8.  Once you get a popsocket for your phone…  you’ll wonder how you lived without one $9.95
9.  Everyone could use a little play to get them through the day $9.95

Under $15

1.  Because life is always better when you look on the bright side $11.95
2.  We’ve all been there… Love this HANGRY lunch bag $10.95
3.  Dress up your filing cabinet or fridge with some festive magnets $10.95
4.  Bring your dry hands back to life with this natural and great smelling lotion $10.95
5.  Because it’s always nice to see photos of the ones you love while at work $12.95
6.  Keep your eye glasses safe and clean with this pretty case & polishing cloth $12.95
7.  Who doesn’t need to relieve some steam during the holidays? $13.95
8.  This teeny tiny planter is too cute and needs no water or sunshine to stay alive  $14.95
9. Because everyone needs some relief from bad days $15
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