6 cheese ball recipes!

Around this time of year, everyone wants to impress their family and friends with their appetizers. This week, we’re here to help! We’ve got six delicious and different recipes for cheese balls that you can try out for a family party, or simply on your own!

First up, we have this delicious Mexican cheese ball. It comes with a bonus recipe: spicy tortilla chips! We can’t wait to try this one ourselves.

For a fun and festive cheese ball, try this one that’s shaped by a pumpkin! However, it doesn’t taste like pumpkin — all the fun festivity without any flavor combinations your little ones might not like.

For a cheese ball that you and your family might be more used to, try this classic recipe! Coated with pecans, this one sounds absolutely divine.

For a cheese ball that’s a little more hearty, try this bacon ranch cheese ball. We bet it would taste good with any kind of crackers, or even on its own!

Cheese and apples are a very underrated flavor combination, as far as we are concerned. This caramel apple cheese ball is perfect for autumn, and perfect to share!

And finally, we have this pineapple and pecan cheese ball! According to the recipe maker, this is the best cheese ball you’ll ever try — you’ll just have to make it and find out!

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