6 creative cauliflower recipes!

Cauliflower is an underrated replacement for more carb-heavy foods. We went searching for recipes for six delicious looking treats, made with cauliflower instead of potatoes or pasta!

First up are the easiest recipe on this list. These five-ingredient cauliflower tots look delicious and are super simple to make!

These garlic Parmesan bites look so good, we can hardly believe they’re made of cauliflower!

These cheesy breadsticks are gluten-free and low-carb, making them perfect for people on specific diets! (And, let’s be honest, they look just like any other breadsticks you’d find.)

Everyone loves cilantro lime rice, and this ‘rice’ made with cauliflower is sure to please!

Honestly, we think that these cauliflower fritters look delightful. Another simple recipe, these are fried, but still lower-carb than other recipes you might find.

This is another unique recipe that we wouldn’t have thought of: creamed spinach made with cauliflower! Personally, we think it looks great.


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