6 great lasagna recipes!

Let’s face it: lasagna is a wonderful food at any time of the year, but especially as the weather starts to change and it gets colder. We’ve found six different but simple recipes for you to try out this season!

To start, we’ve found these delicious lasagna roll-ups. Made like a classic lasagna but in smaller portions, these are sure to be a hit.

For a heartier, more meat-filled lasagna, try this Cowboy Lasagna that we found! Like the poster, we don’t know what’s so “cowboy” about it, but it looks delicious regardless.

For fans of cheese steaks, try this Philly cheese steak lasagna! Featuring three different types of cheese, this one sounds divine.

Come on, who doesn’t love chicken and bacon together? And with the alfredo sauce, this lasagna is sure to be a family favorite!

Much like the above, this lasagna is sure to be a classic: chicken and cheese! Three types of cheese plus a white cheese sauce make this a hearty and delicious dish.

And finally, we have another lasagna roll-up, this time with spinach! Once again, you might want to make a little extra: we’re sure just one won’t be enough.

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