counting our blessings

When asked to write out our list of blessings, usually the first ones are friends and family and we couldn’t agree more.  They are the ones who make us laugh, teach us about love and make our lives worth living. 


1. Tis the season for family photos.  Capture your troop and show them off in this cute handmade clip frame $35.95
2. Memories are being made everyday.  Celebrate your crazy family and keep those memories alive with this fun photo block $13.95
3. Create fun and memorable family dinner conversations with some help from these chat pack conversation cards $10.95
4.  A wonderful warm statement to welcome all those who enter through your doors $9.95
5.  Put your family in print with a one of a kind sign $24.95
6.  Start your day with your favorite fuel and a loving sentiment that will get your through $18.95


1.  Fine friendships should be on display $13.95
2.  Best friends always know how to translate when you speak in code $5.50
3.  Because nothing goes better together than peanut butter and jelly  $7.95
4.  Just in case they didn’t know $10.95
5.  Celebrate the gift of friendship with this beautiful book filled with wonderful quotes $11.95
6.   Keep your favorite faces close by with this darling handmade frame $14.95
7.  Because nothing pairs better with wine than a fine friendship $8.95
8.  Add this bitty bangle to your stack to celebrate a friendship that is forever $10.95


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