recipe for staying cozy

It appears that the chill in the air is here to stay so we are stocking up on goodies to keep us cozy. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Hot tea?  Yes please… now what flavor do I choose?  $12.95
2.  Does it get any cozier than basically wearing a blanket?  … poncho love $34.95
3.  Let your loose tea steep and stay hot for cup number two with this cute pot $28.95
4.  Keep your hands warm and still access your smart phone with these soft touch screen gloves $19.95
5.  Warm homemade pie… need we say more? $11.99
6.  So many yummy candle scents to choose from… like cranberry rose’ $9.95
7.   We never tire of pretty colors and textures $24.95
8.  Keep your ears toasty warm and stay stylish with this cute knitted headband $13.95
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