2017 gal’s gift guide

Since we featured the guys in November, now it’s time to focus on fun finds just for the gals.  Whether you are shopping for a girlfriend, mom, grandma or sister, we’ve got the goods that will bring a smile to their face.

Has Everything

1.  Mom’s babies grow up so fast… freeze a favorite moment in this handmade frame $35.95
2. Turn your ordinary shower into a mini spa getaway with these always popular shower steamers  $19.95
3.  A fun twist on hoops… these lightweight lovelies will become a staple in your earring library $14.95
4.  Because if you obey all the rules, you miss all of the fun $19.95
5. This is the fourth year we’ve carried these pretty wraps and they continue to sell sell sell! Offered in a few different colors  $39.95
6. Once you put a popsocket on your phone, you will wonder how you lived without it! $9.95+


1. Pair these socks with a gift card to her favorite pizza place $8.95
2.  This nag note pad is $4.25 … having some listen and do what you wish… priceless!
3.  Pair this towel with a bottle of grape and a Starbucks gift card and you’re set for any holiday drama $11.95
4.  Mom’s job in a nutshell $5
5.  Ahhh, germs… because little hands LOVE them!  $5.95
6.  …because your favorite holiday sweets and snacks aren’t going to make themselves $11.95
7.  When you’re all about keeping standards high $11.95


1.  When you go together like milk and cookies $8.95
2.  An important reminder that makes life more lovely $8.95
3.  Some of our favorite moments are spent with friends  $14.95
4.  Because some sisters are made along the way $10.95
5.  Who needs Christmas cookies when you can have sprinkled donuts?  $5.50
6. We couldn’t agree more!  $8.95

More Wine Please

1.  Casual Fridays are so last year… when is Bring Your Wine to Work Day? $9.95
2.  A most merry way to mark your drinks $12.95
3. Never misplace your wine glass at a party when you use these wine glass writers $9.95
4.  Free your hands to eat appetizers with these handy wooden wine glass plates $21.95 set of 4
5. Who is this “Moderation” we’re supposed to be drinking with? $5
6.  Dress up a favorite bottle of wine with some help from this jolly gnome $6.95
7.  Is this really asking too much?  $12.95


1.  Give a whole month’s worth of little inspirations with these cute pop open cards $7.95
2.  Maya is the master of inspiring words $20
3. This cute camera sign definitely keeps things in focus $9.95
4.  A gentle reminder to when sometimes it’s easy to forget $10.95
5. The bigger the dream… the bigger the adventure $35
6. Because sometimes it’s easy to forget how blessed we are  $11.95
7. A timeless reminder... now if it was just as easy as riding a bike $29.95

Queen of the Kitchen

1.  This adorable gnome pot holder and dish cloth set can’t wait to help you bake cookies $17.95
2. This angry mama specializes in cleaning your microwave as she steams away crusty crud  $10.95
3. A big thank you to Sweden for inventing this super thirsty cloths that soak up spills far better than a paper towel and dry quickly too… not to mention they are also pretty cute. $6.95
4. Add a pop of color to your table with this handcrafted felt trivet $19.95
5.   If you enjoy the time in your kitchen, this classic mixer clock was made just for you $59.95
6. This cute penguin salt and pepper couple will keep you smiling all winter long  $9.95
7.  Tis the season for parties.  Up your cocktail game with this yummy recipe book $22.95

Love You Gramma

1.   Gather up a favorite photo of the grandkids and surprise her with this handmade photo frame $14.95
2. We don’t see any reason why we can’t swap an R for an L – works for us! $11.95
3. Grandmas also are for reading really fun stories  $16.99
4.  Put grandma’s favorite people in print with this custom typography design $24.95
5. Turn grandma on to yummy tasting loose tea $12.95
6. And get her a great mug that is made for steeping loose tea too $21.95

My Mitten

1.  Are you a great lakes girl?  Then this necklace is for you $26.95
2.  Make your next batch of sugar cookies shaped like our great state $4.95
3. This dish towel shows the Twelve Days of Christmas Michigan style  $9.95
4.  Have you seen a cuter way to serve up chips and dip?  $32.95 & $22.95
5. Now you really can use your hand for a map of Michigan with these great mittens  $26.95
6. Take a little Michigan with you wherever you go  $24.95
7.  Bake away with some help from an oven mitt shaped like our state $12.95
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