2017 gratitude gift guide

We all have people to thank this time of year… teachers, hair stylists, party hosts, office assistants, babysitters, clients, house cleaners and the list goes on.    Always be prepared to show your gratitude with one of these grab and go gifts…

little gifts of gratitude

1.  Let them know they are the bees knees with these pretty socks $8.95
2.  Battle winter weather dry skin with this amazing smelling orange blossom lotion $10.95
3.  Just in case they need a reminder $14.95
4.  This awesome book celebrates all the awesome things that can be celebrated including the person you’re giving it too $16
5. Who says chewing gum can’t be affirming? $1.95
6. When you need to thank a lot of people… these surprise notes are the best $7.95
7.  Put a gift card to their favorite spot in this sweet change purse  $4.95
8.  Because the world needs more amazing people like them $7.95

for the hip hostess

1.  Keep your counters clean with this absorbent and fast drying Swedish dish cloth $6.95
2.  Keep one hand free for more snacking with these great wine glass toppers $21.95
3.  Never misplace your glass at a party again with these handy wine writers $9.95
4.  This amazing holiday scent will make your home extra cozy during the holidays $14.95
5. Get the party conversation started with a chat pack $10.95
6. Dress up your wine bottle with this cute gnome topper $6.95
7.  A funny and useful potion to ward off any unpleasant bathroom smells  $9.95
8.  Keep the giving going all year long with this thoughtful giving plate  $14.95


for top teachers

1.  Let your teacher know she is making you a smart cookie $8.95
2.  Wrap up some homemade sweets in this cute snowman flour sack towel $9.95
3.  Personalize this handmade sign with your teacher’s name for a special gift $9.95
4.  Nothing like the sweet smell of Jane Austen to bring a little peace to your nest  $7.95
5.  Have your child fill this book out… or coordinate the kids in the class to each fill out a line  for a great memorable gift for a top teacher $12.95
6. This sweet succulent needs no water and would be a great way to thank your teacher for helping you grow $13.95
7.  This magnet is a mighty important reminder for teachers who are inspiring young minds $5.50
8.  Because every teacher could use a little relaxation during the break and these aromatherapy shower bursts are the perfect way to pamper her  $4.95
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