2017 kid gift guide

From the littles to the BIGS we have a few fun finds that are sure to be a happy surprise!

teen girl

1.  Look super cute and keep your hair out of your face with this practical and pretty boho bandeau $10.95+
2.  Because silly socks are just fun… snacking sloths 9.95
3.  When you need some extra magical luck $11.95
4.  The must-have phone accessory this season… popsockets $9.95+
5.  Keep the essentials in this cute ID bag $13.95
6. Take a break from technology and journal in this lovely llama journal $14.95
7.  Ten treasures await as you unroll the surprise ball… so fun! $18.95

teen guy

1.  Fidget away with this super cool looking and very addictive thinking putty $11.95+
2.  When you need to satisfy that bacon craving anytime and any place $9.95
3.  For invincible guys that are on to bigger and better things $10.95
4.  The must have phone accessory of the season  $9.95+
5.  Make this marvelous metal Star Wars model without using any glue or solder  $16.95
6.  Stay hydrated and hip with this slick water canteen that keeps things cold for 25 hours $27.95
7.  More fidget fun with these 512 rare earth magnets $25.95
8.  Because farts are always funny  $10.95

little girl

1.  For your love crushes and best friend secrets… my diary  $10.95
2.  A must-have magical purse for any unicorn fan $13.95
3. Brushing your hair just got a bit more fun with this yummy scented hair brush $12.95
4. Perfect for making Christmas cookies with mom $18.95
5. Coloring has never smelled better with these yummy scented smencils $14.95
6. What destiny will your cootie catcher reveal?! $14.99
7. Puzzles are even more fun when they glow in the dark $11.99

little guy

1.  Amaze your friends and family with your mighty magic skills  $21.95
2.  Test your memory with this classic game $25.95
3. Let everyone know you have mad ninja skills when you where these sweet socks $7.95
4.  This is such a fun way to make a picture come to life  $9.95
5. Wrap up this shooter with a bag of mini marshmallows for a fun ‘snow fight’ this season $6.95
6.  Watch these space planes soar with a few folds $9.95

toddler girl

1.   Because tea parties are always a good idea $26.95
2.  Dress up and play all day with these over 400 reusable stickers $9.99
3.  Take your cute kitty with you wherever you go!  $19.95
4.  Create a fun story at bath time with these merry mermaids that stick to your tile $19.95
5.  This silly unicorn can’t wait to pop a little magic your way $11.95
6. Teach your little girls about BIG dreams with this great series $14.99

toddler boy

1.  In a space land far far away… $13.95
2.  Stick and re-stick over 75 trucks and more with this cool activity book $7.95
3. Perfect for making Christmas cookies with mom and dad $17.95
4.  This interactive book will have your boys laughing through the whole story $15.95
5.  Now this is a fierce night light! $36.95
6. Because farts are always funny $2.50

baby love

1.  Keep mealtime under control with this cool suctioned mat $19.95
2.  For teething babies who love to snuggle $13.95
3. Play baby’s first game with this indestructible book that holds up to chewing & so much more $5.95
4.  A fun furry addition to add to your winter reading line-up  $11.95
5.  And pair it with this cozy guy for the story to really come to life $14.95
6. Squirt away during bath play with this cute fish $2.95

stocking stuffers

1. My daughter picks these silly giggle sticks up every time she visits the shop $1.95
2.  Start your putty collection with these great mini tins available in many styles $3.95
3.  Pink hot chocolate?  Yes, please  $1.95
4.   Remember koosh balls?  Still just as fun to toss around $6.95
5. Unicorn pencils always make homework a little more fun $3.95
6. For patching up serious ninja wounds  $4.95
7. Scare friends and family with this fierce dino puppet $6.95
8.  Mood rings… always a fun accessory to have in your jewelry box $4
9.  A dice game the whole family can play! $14.95
10.  When you need a little extra magical glitter to get you through the day $9.95
11.  What’s not to love about sea monkeys?  $13.95
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