cat and dog lover gift guide 2017

Nothing quite pulls at our heart strings like our furry family members. That’s why we specialize in loads of finds that celebrate our four legged friends.

dog lovers

1.  Because our furry friends know a thing or two about joy and love $12.95
2.  Is that really too much to ask?  #dogmom $8.95
3.  True words indeed! $12.95
4.  Just in case your friends and family don’t already know ;-) $9.95
5. If your puppy could talk… $14.95
6. This wine glass affirms any questions you have about solo drinking habits $12.95
7.  When you guys loves his pug and isn’t afraid to show it $10
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cat lovers

1.  The advice on the cover is all I needed to hear to make me want to buy this book $12.95
2.  A very funny thank you from your favorite feline $5.95
3.  Because fur babies are some of our favorite babies $12.95
4.  This possibly could be the cutest flour sack towel print ever $10.95
5. All I want for Christmas…  $12.95
6. Because every cat lover needs a cat-in-a-box pencil $3.95
7.  For all your smarty cat friends  $8.95
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