stocking stuffer gift guide 2017

Sometimes the most fun gifts are found in stockings and we’re here to help make that happen!  Shop all Stocking Stuffers HERE.

for the gals

1.  Let your happy memories live on in this cute handmade photo block $12.95
2.  Put a popsocket on your phone and you will wonder how you went so long without one $9.95+
3.  For the one of a kind friend in your life $8.95
4.  When things get tough… the tough put their boots on $5.50
5. If you still believe in the magic of Santa Claus… this bracelet belongs to you  $10.95
6. Just in case your boss needs a gentle reminder about your stress tolerance $10.95
7.  A great staple in your hair accessories drawer $10.95
8.  Maybe pair this with a gift card to her favorite donut shop? $11.95
9.  Because your window sill above the kitchen sink could use a little cuteness $7.95
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for the guys

1.  Always be prepared with a pocket monkey in your wallet $12.95
2.  These socks pair wonderfully with a gift card to his favorite taco place  $10.00
3.  This magical potion is funny and the whole household benefits from it! $9.95
4. Fidget-widgety fun is bound to be had with these 512 rare earth magnets  $25.95
5. Because you never know when you might need to class it up at the last minute $8.95
6. Attention biking and beer lovers… this needs to be on your key chain  $3.95
7.  Say goodbye to sandpaper hands with some help from this great guy hand cream $15.95
8.  For all your bacon craving emergency needs $15.95
9.  Help your guys joke game with this funny read $9.95
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for the kids

1.  A classic taste that never gets old $8.95
2.  Bounce this boy like no other ball on the planet $9.95
3.  This helpful pig specializes in sharp pencils $5.95
4.  Pink Hello Kittty hot chocolate?  Yes, please! $1.95
5.  Super kids need Super hero socks $7.95
6.  Collect them all… addictive mini thinking putty tins  $3.95
7.  Let the good times roll… literally with this fun, fast dice game $14.95
8.  A mighty cute manicure for little fingers  $5.95
9.  Our favorite winter magical creature… now available in lip gloss! $5.95
10. Coloring is even more fun when you can make the colors on the page change $8.95
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