2018 resolutions

Looking for some inspiration to make this year more memorable?  Here are few reminders that will bring a little more light into your life.
1.  Because we are in charge of what direction we’re driving our lives $8.95
2.  An ongoing action that helps keep things in perspective $29.95
3.  Sometimes it’s helpful to a have a reminder when you don’t feel so shiny $13.95
4.  Because often it’s the little moments that become the big memories $10.95
5.  Pay attention to the tiny pleasures that make your world so wonderful $9.95
6.  Because sometimes we forget that it’s a choice $4.95
7.  Big change takes lot of small steps over a long period of time… keep going $6.95
8.  Life is better when you live in community $27.95
9.  Taking a break to meditate can make all the difference $13.95


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