seven sweet snack mixes!

Though the holiday season may be over, the sweet treats don’t have to be! Make any of these delicious sweet snack mixes for your family, and you’re sure to have a crowd-pleaser.

First up, we have this easily customizable cookie mix. No matter what sort of cookie treats you add to it, this is sure to be delicious for kids and adults alike!

It made be a little early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day treats, but we couldn’t resist including this delectable-looking puppy chow! It’s flavored like strawberries and cream; it’s a simple combination but one that’s impossible to resist.

This garden-themed puppy chow is sure to be fun to make and for your kids to eat! Add in a couple gummy worms to each serving and watch them have a blast doing some “digging”.

This puppy chow, made with Apple Chex and Milky Way bars, is the perfect blend of caramel and apples. Of course, this can also be customized to just be chocolate and caramel flavored with regular Chex!

We love the idea of these Andes mint-flavored muddy buddies! Chocolate and mint, together in a snack bowl – what could be better?

For another flavor of muddy buddies, try these – they taste like cotton candy! It’s a sweet and delicious treat.

To wrap this up, we have another Valentine’s Day-themed treat. This puppy chow tastes just like red velvet cake, and when it’s topped off with little red hearts, it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

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