sweet snail mail

I know the holiday season is the most popular time to send cards and gifts to those that you love but my favorite time of the year to send pretty packages is Valentine’s Day.  It’s a slower time of the year that isn’t over scheduled. The days are cold and often grey and people aren’t expecting it so it’s even more of a happy surprise.  All of these goodies are easy to slip into a padded envelope for simple shipping.

1.  What makes you smile more than seeing your favorite people? $12.95
2.  Because it’s always important to be prepared for emergencies  $4.95
3.  Just in case your friend needs a reminder $9.95
4.  Pizza money… always good to have on hand when you get a little hangry $6.95
5.  Soak up spills in a second with the help from this thirsty fox $6.95
6.  This cute enamel pin couldn’t have said it better $8.95
7.  Let them know you love them a ton with these sweet elephant earrings $9.95

1.  For sparkly lips and magical adventures  $5.95
2.  Send hedgehogs and kisses with these cute socks  $7.95
3.  Does gum come sweeter than fruit stripe?  $1.95
4.  Homework is always more fun when you have some help from a unicorn $3.95
5.  Let them know they’re super fly with this cool thinking putty $14.95
6.  A perfect way to pass the time on a cold winter day $9.95
7.  I hear there are extra cooties around on Valentine’s Day $14.99
8.  Color the gray days away with these magical markers that change colors $8.95


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