valentine gift guide 2018

We like to think of Valentine’s Day as a perfect excuse to show your love to the most important people in your tribe so we’ve found some wonderful ways to do just that.


1. This sentimental book filled with your letters of love is sure to be treasured for years to come $14.95
2.  This marvelous mini journal is destined to be a keepsake once filled in with all the reasons you love someone  $10.95
3. Keep a picture your person close by with this handmade photo holder $12.95
4. Let them know you love them to pieces with this one of a kind handmade heart $11.95+
5. When you want to let them know you’ll never leave their side $19.95
6.  Lots love lovey dovey quotes on this sweet typewriter sign $44.95
7.  Create a keepsake that will be treasured forever with this handmade memory box $29.95


1. These classic lip balms will give you the best tasting lips in town  $6.95
2.  So many of our favorite memories are with our friends $13.95
3.  Pizza dates are the best way to fast forward though this holiday with your galentines $8.95
4.  If you’re navigating the murky waters of a relationship or still searching for the one, let this inspiring pewter compass lead the way $17.95
5.  Just coming off a bad break up?  Take out your frustration with a few whacks of this dammit doll $13.95
6. Because don’t donuts make everything better? $5.50
7.  Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage and get ready for some girl talk with this pretty corkcicle tumbler $24.95

for the littles

1.  This magic sequin pouch is pretty and so fun to play with! $9.95
2.  Let this be a lovely reminder for little ones  $7.95
3.  Because glitter is always a good idea $9.95
4.  This metallic purple putty is a perfect addition to your collection for Valentine’s Day $3.95+
5.  Make this heart holiday even more magical with your own unicorn horn $5.95
6.  Stack these sweet hearts on top of each other for a pretty portable marker set  $3.95
7.  You rock valentine! $1.25
8.  Let them know you love them to the depths of the sea with this cool glow-in-the dark puzzle $11.99

my furry valentine

1.  This handmade photo holder is the perfect place to show off members of your furry family  $13.95
2. Sometimes the best dates are furry and have four legs $12.95
3. What better to write love notes with?  $3.95
4. Just what the doctor ordered $15
5.  One of our favorite reasons to come home $12.95
6.  Coffee and cuddles with your pooch – yes and yes $16.95
7.  Just in case you need a reminder while you’re away from home “I woof you”  $14.95
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