2018 punny valentine gift guide

1. Let them know you’re a sucker for them with these fun heart lollipop socks  $10.95
2.  Keep your favorite chips fresh and your V-day gifts fun and practical with this great googly eye chip clip  $3.50
3. Fans of elephants will love this scarf knowing you love them a ton $24.95
4. Love will find a way with some help from this handmade compass $17.95
5.  Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to sweet smelling lotion thanks to our hard working bees $10.95
6.  This magical butterfly will flutter right out of a book or card letting your loved one know they still make your heart flutter 6.95
7.  Because some people are simply mermaid for each other  $9.95 
8.  Every time they wear this fruity lip gloss they will be reminded how berry special they are $6.95
9.  When you want to let someone know they are out of this world $15.95
10.  Let them know you’re always in the mood to be with them $9.95
11.  Throw a few atomic fireballs your friend’s way to let them know they are the bomb! $.50
12.  Add a pretty plant to this kitty for a gift that is the cat’s meow  $23.95
13.  Be mine with a bounce of this mighty high moon ball $9.95
14.  Let your valentine know they make your world more colorful with these bright colored pencils  $7.95
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