Best of Berkley 2006

Best_place_to_shopRecently the Berkley Beautification Committee conducted a poll where the residents of Berkley voted on the best things in their city.  I’m happy to announce that catching fireflies won in three different categories: the best place to shop, the most unique shop and the best window displays!


Thank you Berkley residents for thinking so highly of us and supporting our little gift gallery for the past six years. You are an important part of our inspiration.  We are truly honored.

We look forward to bringing you many more unique and whimsical goodies in the years to come.Most_unique_business

merry miniatures

Thomas_vonkoch_bMeet Thomas von Koch of wgk glass.  He is the talented artist behind the adorable and quirky glass miniatures we’ve recently started carrying.  He originally is from Germany but now resides in Delaware. His exceptional craftsmanship and wonderful details make his work a joy to own. 

You can start your very own special collection today.  Each ‘one-of-a-kind’ creature measures less than a half of inch and is only $4.00. There are many animals to choose from and each one has their own personality.  Because every piece is unique, these little guys are only available at our Berkley and Rochester stores.

Hedgehog Crab

Cat_1 Fawn

artsy indigo shoe

IndigoSince I’m on a bit of a shoe kick, I have to share another beauty  I picked up while I was in Santa Monica this summer.  I love the subtle color combination and the mixture of textures on this shoe style.  And since Indigo is made by Clarks, they are comfortable to wear too. (always a must in my book)

the spin from ‘me too’

Just a couple of days after I posted the article about Northville, I received a gift certificate from that lovely little shoe boutique Lorla’s.  So I scooted back to snatch up my new favorite fall shoe.  They are really comfortable, super hip and go with just about everything.  What’s a girl not to love?Me_too_spin

autumn in northville

I just love Northville, Michigan. Steve and I rented a house there shortly after we were married and have very fond memories of our stay. (eventually we had to buy our first home and as you can tell by the downtown, the houses were a little out of our price range at the time)Childrens_theater_4 Dancing_eye_3

At any rate, we stopped by this charming town recently and I’d like to share some of my favorite stops with you.

One of the most unique attractions is their fabulous children’s theatre.  It has lots of wonderful history and puts on great features for the whole family to enjoy.  Of course there are plenty of shops to peruse including some great clothing stores and one of my favorite shoe stores Lorla’s.  Some other great stops include Dancing Eye Gallery, Traditions, and The Stampeddler.



After you’ve worked up an appetite you can stop by Rebecca’s for a scrumptious lunch (the sweet potato fries are my fav) then get a flavor-full gelato for dessert from American Spoon.


And if you’re lucky enough to visit in the fall, a cider mill stop is a must.  I’ve been to my share of cider mills and Parmenters has the best fresh cinnamon-sugar donuts around… and of course their cider is pretty swell too.

This is just a small sampling of Northville’s offerings so I highly recommend you check out this sweet little downtown for yourself.

miss maude of ludington

I don’t need too much of an excuse to get away on the weekends so when our friends invited us to stay at cabin near Ludington, Steve and I were on our way.  It was the first time I ventured into this paticular lakeshore town and was pleasantly surprised by this fanciful store filled with lots of personality.  Miss_maude_herself_b_1 Maudes_garage_b_1

Miss Maude herself greets you as you wander into to this eclectic mix of art wares.  I must say the setting for this quirky artist’s garage is quite lovely and the vintage truck filled with garden goodies is quite a sight.


And just a few doors down I enjoyed a wonderful art installation inspired by the owner of Maude’s and sponsored by the Ludington Arts Council titled The Windows of our Lives.  It’s the collaborative work of over seventy artists of all ages.


Now for the sad part of the story… unfortunately this colorful art show will be turning into lakeshore condos next year along with Maude’s Garage.  I’m happy to have experienced this small town street scape when it was alive and full of art.  After all, it’s far more interesting than rows of boring condos!


This one is one of my favorites.


the celebrity next door

Ever wonder where you rank in the celebrity pool?  Wonder no more with this highly addictive website

The site was originally designed to make it easier for people around the world to use the power of the Internet to discover their heritage and strengthen their bonds with family and friends…. but of course I couldn’t help to be drawn to the superficial option of celebrity face recognition.  So here’s where the fun begins…Celeb_april_1  Alyson_hannigan

Simply upload a face shot of yourself, friend or family member.  Then the program scans your face and searches for similiar looking celebs  all in a matter of minutes!  Turns out Alyson Hannigan (of American Pie) is one of my matches.  I guess with a little red hair dye… I can see it.

  Steve_1 Matthew_perry_1

So I couldn’t resist putting my handsome husband Steve in this fancy celebrity matching machine and ta-dah…  turns out that Mr. Matthew Perry is his man.  And after watching Friends all these years, it never occured to me that I was married to a Chandler look-a-like…. not too shabby!


And just for fun I put our ‘camera shy’ Berkley Store Manager Danielle in the mix.  I didn’t think she’d mind considering Andie MacDowell was one of her matches… I mean, who didn’t love her in St. Elmos Fire?

the suzette

Suzette_1Every month or so I make my way to Target to see what’s shakin’ in the big box world.  Tonight I came home with a super cute pair of wedges for only $17.99!

Believe it or not, they are actually quite comfortable to wear and they make my tootsies look oh so pretty.

I also picked up a hilarious bee costume for our bulldog Samson which you’ll be seeing soon enough in a future blog entry.

love that mr. john mayer

John_mayer_1 What can I say; I’m a sucker for Mr. John Mayer.  I’ve been a big fan ever since his first album Room For Squares. I even joined the fan club (along with the rest of the crazed teenage girls and soccer moms)

And his latest album, Continuum doesn’t disappoint… in fact you can listen to the entire thing on-line before its even available to purchase…how cool is that?

Some of my new favorites are Stop This Train, Belief, In Repair and I’ve included a performance of Vultures for your listening pleasure.

Here’s what they say about my man, "Continuum is about as apt a title as it gets for John Mayer’s third studio disc. Every element, from the peerless guitar playing to the plainspoken poetry of the lyrics to the breathy-sincere singing, makes a return from previous efforts. But to weakly pronounce this another worthwhile effort from an artist the world has come to expect a whole lot from and then call it a day would be no minor misdeed, because it’s also the best, boldest disc he’s ever made. Taking maturity as a theme throughout, Mayer tackles a batch of adulthood’s bogeymen: indifference on the uptempo chart-climber "Waiting for the World to Change," aging on the melancholy-sweet "Stop This Train," and emotional trainwreckage on the big-rocking "In Repair." That’s not to suggest he’s turned overly introspective–check the Jimi Hendrix cover "Bold As Love," where he hits one home for guitarists who’ve been living in the shadow of legend everywhere, and the hard-charging "Belief," which benefits from a mesmerizing, liquid groove. Continuum may be the third in a series, but a creative cop-out this is not; Mayer is his generation’s musical superman–powerful, unassailable, and magnetic. Hand that man a cape." –Tammy La Gorce

dream cruisin’ on twelve mile


Every year on the third Friday in August, thousands of car fans migrate to downtown Berkley to enjoy a parade of classic cars followed by a first rate street party.  catching fireflies joins the festivities by passing out balloons to kids of all ages and staying open late for the crowds of customers this fun event brings. 

Here are some of our favorites rides…


Her sign reads, "Still crazy after all these years"

Car_1 Car_2

How cute are those headlights?

Car_6 Car_4

I think this would be a good company car for catching firelfies.


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