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Arts_and_scraps_2When I attended Eastern Michigan for my special education degree, I used a wonderful resource called The Scrap Box for a lot of my school projects and lessons.

I also picked up a number of unique goodies from there for my then blossoming recycled paper business called April’s Ideas (now a.i. paper design)

Now that our studio is based closer to Detroit, I’m happy to say we regularly donate all kinds of art goods to another great resource – Arts & Scraps.  Their mission is to provide children with affordable and creative experiences using recycled industrial scraps to actively involve them in learning while increasing their confidence and encouraging independent thinking.

Art_scraps_1_2 Art_scraps_2_2 

How awesome is that?  Like any non-profit, there are always lots of opportunities to donate money, volunteer your time, or drop off goods that you might normally throw away.  They recycle 28 tons of material annually and serve over 275,000 children! 

happy tunes from the scissors sisters


I was shopping at a store the other day when this little diddy by the Scissors Sisters started playing and ironically I couldn’t help but to start nodding my head and tapping my toes because this tune is so infectious.

Here’s what one review of their latest album Ta Dah! says, "Since not liking the Scissor Sisters is tantamount to not liking fun, let’s just assume that everyone already adores this band and go on from there, OK? It’s hard to imagine no one had ever called an album Ta Dah! before, but then these sexy troubadours have no trouble subtly reworking the past to make it almost-new and always joyous. They may have emerged in a brief window when campy pastiche rock seemed like the next big thing, but the Scissor Sister possess an elevated enough sense of fun, popcraft, and good enough connections to carry them for years.

The wonderful confection "Don’t Feel Like Dancin," was co-written with Sir Elton John, and it sounds like Abba, Fleetwood Mac and Xanadu all at once. Other tunes might have you thinking of Bowie or the Bee Gees or Prince or Pink Floyd or even the Carpenters, but only as cagily reimagined in a glittery, wonderful world." –Mike McGonigal

Rebecca Puig of Sugarboo Designs

RebeccaMeet Rebecca Puig of Sugarboo Designs.  She lives in Atlanta, Georgia with her husband Rick and their lovely children Jacob and Sophie.

Rebecca's artist statement reads, “I graduated from the University of Georgia in 1997 with a Bachelors of Fine Arts. During that period, I focused mainly in ceramics and I did not become interested in painting until I worked in a folk art gallery in Athens, GA. There, I fell in love with the artwork. I was so intrigued with how expressive and raw the art was. I also knew that most of the artists were self-taught so I decided to try my hand at it… and I loved it!
I did not fret so much over the technical aspects of the art so that I could focus more on giving the art some soul. I continue to be influenced by folk art and children's art to this day.

Children's art especially inspires me because it is so simple, raw, beautiful, and honest. I believe children are some of the best artists in the world. I am also inspired by nature, animals, words, imperfection, old things, and everyday things that we sometimes forget to see the wonder in.


Some of my favorite moments in the studio are when I'm inscribing a message on a piece from a mommy & daddy to their child or from a wife to a husband.  It is such an honor to be part of a loving gift."


We recently featured Rebecca's work in one of our previous enews editions and got such a great response from it, we decided to carry some of her pieces.

Each catching fireflies location has a couple samples of the photo boxes along with a book of all the possible color and quote combinations for special orders.  Select quotes are also available online.  All special orders do take 4-5 weeks for delivery and guaranteed Christmas delivery needs to be ordered by November 10.

sugarboo photo box color chart

Color_chart_1All of Sugarboo’s photo boxes can come in any of these color selections.  Click here for an enlarged view of this palette.

luci & flair light up the rochester location

Luci_flair_samsonEven though the stores are decorated for Christmas, Dena & Susan still had a grand time dressing up as our famous firefly mascots Luci & Flair for the trick-or-treaters last Saturday.

Needless to say, their costumes didn’t miss a beat … complete with sparkly names, glittery eyes, shiny wings and wiry antennas… right down to their balloon butt lights.  Pretty impressive!



Of course when Samson found out there was a party going on, he insisted on making an appearance.  Sticking to the ‘bug theme’ he sported a very stylish bee costume.


Fun times are always to be had when you visit catching fireflies!

french grooves with phoenix

PhoenixI was first turned onto these guys after I heard their song If I ever feel better on their United Album and have been a fan ever since.  They have a very unique sound and can be quite addicting.

Here’s what the pros say:

"The band’s been relentlessly eclectic since they formed in the late ’90s; they make hybrid music, an electronic-flavored rock that’s impossible to describe without using up half a dozen hyphens in the process.  Their records are effortless-sounding, mini-masterpieces that mix art song elements with delightful retro-pop."  -Mike McGonigal

fanciful fenton michigan

French_laundryIf you live in the metro Detroit area and want to take an afternoon road trip, I’d recommend exploring Fenton.  It’s a quiet little town filled with some charming shops and a delightful restaurant called The French Laundry


Some of the shops I like to peruse include The Iron Grate, (shabby chic gift boutique with a great atmosphere) Sweet Variations, (old time candy shop) and Barefoot Thyme.


There is also this quirky antique shop called Yesterday’s Treasures that is filled with lots of curious finds.  I’m not a huge antique collector but I do enjoy seeking out unusual & interesting goodies.


I loved looking at all their silly salt-n-pepper shakers.

comfy cute clogs

ClogIndigo has come out with more cute clog styles for this fall.  I bought my first pair after I spotted them on my cousin at a Christmas party last year and I just love them.

Why they’re the best… comfy, cool color combos, fun details, great quality and they add an additional 2.5" to your height (always a plus in my book)

a great girls night out

Girls_night_out_6Lots of ladies came out to enjoy a fun filled evening at both catching fireflies locations last Thursday at our ‘girls night out event’.  We served up sweet cider and delicious doughnuts as shoppers scoped out handsome handbag deals.

Girls_night_out_1 Eric Fritts played some groovy acoustic tunes for two and half hours without a break at our Rochester location and the ladies just loved it! (thanks for rockin’ the house Eric) In fact one birthday girl lucked out and Eric played and sang Happy Birthday while the rest of the crowd joined in… what a special treat.

Creating fun and festive memories is just one of the many reasons we love to host ‘girls night out’.  Thanks to all of you who visited us and made it a wild success!

humane society mega march 2006

Meet team catching fireflies… Steve, April, Danielle. Loribeth, Angela and of course Samson. With the help of your generous donations we raised $750 for the Michigan Humane Society at the Mega March in downtown Detroit on October 8th 2006.  Thank you so much for your support.  We had lots of fun struttin’ Samson around town and would like to share some fun photos we took throughout the dayTeam_catching_fireflies_b_1.

Ready_to_go  Making_friends

Samson is ready to get the party started and is eager to meet some new doggie friends.



Being we were downtown the day after the Tigers beat the Yankees, we spotted quite a few canine fans.

Dog_trio  Great_dane

There were dogs of all sizes, personalities and breeds… big ones

Purse_dog Tiny_pooch

…pocket sized ones

Pug_tongue_1 Pug_tongue_2

…just plain goofy ones

Pomi Pretty_britney

… the divas

Kiddie_cats_dogs_b One_brave_cat

… and we can’t leave out the kids and one brave cat!


Samson was star struck by local celebrity Jay Towers of Fox News and 97.1 FM (who by the way is a big fan of bulldogs… he even took a photo of Samson with this phone)


Samson had no problem trotting the 2 mile loop… but some dogs had deluxe transportation.

Baby_stroller Stroller_dog

The_finish_line Frosty_paws_treat_b

At the end of the walk, two rows of cheerleaders congratulated all the dogs.  Samson celebrated by indulging in some frosty paws ice cream.


Afterwards Samson stretched out and enjoyed the sunshine… then took a very long Sunday afternoon nap.

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