2017 Secret Santa Gift Guide

Do you have a co-worker or friend to surprise this season? Line up some sweet, silly and useful gifts that will have them wondering who is the gift guru behind the scenes.

Under $5

1.  Take on your headache with a little help from some steamy aromatherapy $4.95
2.   Bake something sweet and add on this cute sign 4.95
3.   Because everyone could use some extra fidgety fun at the office $3.95
4.    Tis the season for list making, so your pad of paper might as well be cute and festive $3.95
5. Spread some cheer with a seed of happiness $2
6. Just in case you might need some extra help $1.95
7.  Who doesn’t love these ladies and surprise stories that make you laugh? $4.99
8. Keep important pills hidden away in this hilarious giant pill case $4.99
9.  Throw a cute gift card into this sweet coin purse $4.95

Under $10

1.  What tree is complete without an ugly Christmas sweater ornament? $8.95
2.  Everyone could use some silly socks to make their day brighter $8.95
3.  Reviewing documents aren’t as bad when you have scented highlighters $8.95
4.  A month’s worth of smiles… the gift that keeps on giving  $7.95
5.  A pretty candle that smells amazing… always a good idea $9.95
6.  How cute would this desk sign be paired with a gift card from Starbucks?  $6.95
7.  Don’t stress about having to do number two now that you have poo-pourri $9.95
8.  Once you get a popsocket for your phone…  you’ll wonder how you lived without one $9.95
9.  Everyone could use a little play to get them through the day $9.95

Under $15

1.  Because life is always better when you look on the bright side $11.95
2.  We’ve all been there… Love this HANGRY lunch bag $10.95
3.  Dress up your filing cabinet or fridge with some festive magnets $10.95
4.  Bring your dry hands back to life with this natural and great smelling lotion $10.95
5.  Because it’s always nice to see photos of the ones you love while at work $12.95
6.  Keep your eye glasses safe and clean with this pretty case & polishing cloth $12.95
7.  Who doesn’t need to relieve some steam during the holidays? $13.95
8.  This teeny tiny planter is too cute and needs no water or sunshine to stay alive  $14.95
9. Because everyone needs some relief from bad days $15
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2017 guys gift guide

We do love our guys but aren’t they a hard bunch to buy for sometimes? That’s why we do our best to seek out silly, clever and functional finds that will get your guys grinning this season. Shop ALL GUYS GIFTS

The Guy Who Has Everything

1. Who wouldn’t appreciate over 40 pages of affirmations stating why they are so awesome?  Ranging from silly to sweet, this little book will be worth far more than the price you paid once filled out by a loved one  $10.95
2.  Bacon you can take with you wherever you go? Ummmmm… YES PLEASE!  Perfect for those bacon emergencies *as seen on Shark Tank!  $9.95
3.  Just add your guy’s favorite snack to this bowl along with a pass to spend a whole weekend binging on his favorite Netflix show and you’ve won his heart for sure! 17.95
4.  Whether you need to keep beverages steaming hot or icy cold, this cool canteen can do it for 12 – 25 hours!  $27.95
5.  Keep a few of these top trivia facts in your back pocket to impress the ladies or to keep cocktail conversations interesting $19.95
6. My husband’s hands turn into sandpaper come mid November so when this magic lotion came in, I grabbed one for him and can testify that it does do an amazing job keeping Steve’s paws soft and moisturized  $15.95
7.  If your guy is loco for tacos… he might need these socks… paired with a gift card to his favorite taco joint  $10

Stocking Stuffers 

1.  Be the MacGyver of your office with this handy pen that doubles as a ruler and screwdriver $12.95
2.  Add a little extra entertainment to your card game with these fun rock-n-roll playing cards $11.95
3.  If you guy is married to Mrs. Always Right… he might need this desk sign $6.95
4.  Funny and practical!  Trap a Crap will do just that!  $9.95
5. For that smoked hickory after taste you’ve been longing for ;-)  $2.95
6. This putty will help you brainstorm the best ideas… plus it’s just fun to play with  $11.95+
7.  More fidget fun with Speks!  $25.95
8.  Always be prepared to kick back with a cold one after a nice bike ride $3.95

For Some Good Laughs 

1.  …just in case there was any question in the matter $9.95
2.  A must have for any Star Wars fan  $16.95
3.  For your favorite guys with big feet ;-)  $10.95
4.  Guaranteed fun for any couple to flip through and see their compatibility score  $12.95
5. Finally… a glass that tells it like it is $10.95
6.   We believe a little laughter goes a long way when it comes to hard days at the office $6.95

Grandpa Already Has Everything

1.  Keeping things classy with one of our favorite presidents $10
2.  Say goodbye to those unreachable itches with this clever cactus scratcher $12.95
3.  A most funny gift for grandpa… and the grandkids will love it too! $16.95
4.  Putting your dreams on paper is the next step of making them happen and do just that with this helpful journal $12.99
5.  Being old is just a state of mind $8.95
6. This simple mug tells it like it is. Fill it with his favorite beans for a sweet gift from the kids $14.95

My Michigan 

1.  Take a walk back in time and find hope for the future with this great coffee table book $19.95
2.  Always have a bottle opener on hand to crack into your favorite Michigan brew $7.95
3.  Celebrate your favorite Michigan sports teams with these cool playing cards $11.95
4.  Michigan craft beer lovers… this print was made for you $21.95
5. Is this on your Tiger’s Fan bookshelf? $19.95
6. Put together all the many pieces of one of your favorite stadiums $16.95
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recipe for staying cozy

It appears that the chill in the air is here to stay so we are stocking up on goodies to keep us cozy. Here are some of our favorites.


1. Hot tea?  Yes please… now what flavor do I choose?  $12.95
2.  Does it get any cozier than basically wearing a blanket?  … poncho love $34.95
3.  Let your loose tea steep and stay hot for cup number two with this cute pot $28.95
4.  Keep your hands warm and still access your smart phone with these soft touch screen gloves $19.95
5.  Warm homemade pie… need we say more? $11.99
6.  So many yummy candle scents to choose from… like cranberry rose’ $9.95
7.   We never tire of pretty colors and textures $24.95
8.  Keep your ears toasty warm and stay stylish with this cute knitted headband $13.95
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6 creative cauliflower recipes!

Cauliflower is an underrated replacement for more carb-heavy foods. We went searching for recipes for six delicious looking treats, made with cauliflower instead of potatoes or pasta!

First up are the easiest recipe on this list. These five-ingredient cauliflower tots look delicious and are super simple to make!

These garlic Parmesan bites look so good, we can hardly believe they’re made of cauliflower!

These cheesy breadsticks are gluten-free and low-carb, making them perfect for people on specific diets! (And, let’s be honest, they look just like any other breadsticks you’d find.)

Everyone loves cilantro lime rice, and this ‘rice’ made with cauliflower is sure to please!

Honestly, we think that these cauliflower fritters look delightful. Another simple recipe, these are fried, but still lower-carb than other recipes you might find.

This is another unique recipe that we wouldn’t have thought of: creamed spinach made with cauliflower! Personally, we think it looks great.


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holiday open house 2017

We have officially decked our halls with all things Christmas and invite you to tour through our whimsy wonderland this Saturday for our holiday open house. It’s the perfect day to give back and get free catching fireflies cash to spend during this shopping season.

To kick things off we’re giving away $5 catching fireflies cash to spend in December for every $25 spent. You can also score an additional $5 catching fireflies cash when you bring in 5 or more canned goods and make a purchase. These sweet specials will be going on at our locations Berkley, Rochester and Ann Arbor from 10-6 Saturday, November 11.

Plus we’ll be serving up sweet treats and playing Christmas tunes all day long so come out to get in the  swing of the season.
And yes… all of our holiday goodies of course!
Looking forward to a merry day filled with fun. Hope to see you there!


our favorite tree trimmings

After unpacking, pricing and placing hundreds of ornaments in our Christmas display, it’s hard for our team not to be tempted to bring a few of their favorites home.

I love the vintage vibe of this camper, and the tree on top reminds me of traditions with my family. $9.95

I love this snow globe because it’s happy and makes me think of a winter wonderland. $11.95

These little guys are so jolly and round I want to take them home with me! $11.95

Marlo was quite into collecting squirrel nuts on our walks this fall so this cutie will help keep those lovely memories alive as we put him on the tree in the seasons to come. $9.95

This pretty snowflake ornament is one of my favorites.  It is delicate and sparkly and I think my sister would love this on her tree.

I can’t get enough of this little guy, all bundled up and ready for the holidays!   $8.95

I love the vintage charm of Santa and his star.  It reminds of ornaments we had growing up.

I like to keep my tree decorating modern and simple so these ceramic rounds with sweet holiday sayings are the perfect addition to my collection!  Available in a variety of yuletide terms, I can really spell out something meaningful to celebrate the season!

The raccoon is so cute with the fluffy tail. Love it! $10.95

This rustic wood sign ornament reminds me of the song and I love Christmas music! $4.95

This little kitty looks so cozy in her tiny sweater- and reminds me of my cat. Just too cute!

I love these new “retro” camper ornaments.  They will add a bit of Christmas sprit and whimsey to any tree. 9.95
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6 cheese ball recipes!

Around this time of year, everyone wants to impress their family and friends with their appetizers. This week, we’re here to help! We’ve got six delicious and different recipes for cheese balls that you can try out for a family party, or simply on your own!

First up, we have this delicious Mexican cheese ball. It comes with a bonus recipe: spicy tortilla chips! We can’t wait to try this one ourselves.

For a fun and festive cheese ball, try this one that’s shaped by a pumpkin! However, it doesn’t taste like pumpkin — all the fun festivity without any flavor combinations your little ones might not like.

For a cheese ball that you and your family might be more used to, try this classic recipe! Coated with pecans, this one sounds absolutely divine.

For a cheese ball that’s a little more hearty, try this bacon ranch cheese ball. We bet it would taste good with any kind of crackers, or even on its own!

Cheese and apples are a very underrated flavor combination, as far as we are concerned. This caramel apple cheese ball is perfect for autumn, and perfect to share!

And finally, we have this pineapple and pecan cheese ball! According to the recipe maker, this is the best cheese ball you’ll ever try — you’ll just have to make it and find out!

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counting our blessings

When asked to write out our list of blessings, usually the first ones are friends and family and we couldn’t agree more.  They are the ones who make us laugh, teach us about love and make our lives worth living. 


1. Tis the season for family photos.  Capture your troop and show them off in this cute handmade clip frame $35.95
2. Memories are being made everyday.  Celebrate your crazy family and keep those memories alive with this fun photo block $13.95
3. Create fun and memorable family dinner conversations with some help from these chat pack conversation cards $10.95
4.  A wonderful warm statement to welcome all those who enter through your doors $9.95
5.  Put your family in print with a one of a kind sign $24.95
6.  Start your day with your favorite fuel and a loving sentiment that will get your through $18.95


1.  Fine friendships should be on display $13.95
2.  Best friends always know how to translate when you speak in code $5.50
3.  Because nothing goes better together than peanut butter and jelly  $7.95
4.  Just in case they didn’t know $10.95
5.  Celebrate the gift of friendship with this beautiful book filled with wonderful quotes $11.95
6.   Keep your favorite faces close by with this darling handmade frame $14.95
7.  Because nothing pairs better with wine than a fine friendship $8.95
8.  Add this bitty bangle to your stack to celebrate a friendship that is forever $10.95


6 great lasagna recipes!

Let’s face it: lasagna is a wonderful food at any time of the year, but especially as the weather starts to change and it gets colder. We’ve found six different but simple recipes for you to try out this season!

To start, we’ve found these delicious lasagna roll-ups. Made like a classic lasagna but in smaller portions, these are sure to be a hit.

For a heartier, more meat-filled lasagna, try this Cowboy Lasagna that we found! Like the poster, we don’t know what’s so “cowboy” about it, but it looks delicious regardless.

For fans of cheese steaks, try this Philly cheese steak lasagna! Featuring three different types of cheese, this one sounds divine.

Come on, who doesn’t love chicken and bacon together? And with the alfredo sauce, this lasagna is sure to be a family favorite!

Much like the above, this lasagna is sure to be a classic: chicken and cheese! Three types of cheese plus a white cheese sauce make this a hearty and delicious dish.

And finally, we have another lasagna roll-up, this time with spinach! Once again, you might want to make a little extra: we’re sure just one won’t be enough.

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6 perfectly painted pumpkins

Let’s face it — one of the best things about Autumn is all of the beautiful pumpkins that show up. As Halloween creeps up on us, here are six great ideas for how to display your pumpkins, with no carving required! Many of them are pretty enough that they work in November, too.

There are lots of options at this link, but this beautiful and simple chevron-patterned pumpkin is our favorite. All you need is masking tape and paint — you couldn’t ask for a simpler pumpkin to paint!

This donut pumpkin may be the star of the show, and we can’t wait to try this one. Again, all you need are varying colors of paint. With something as simple as this, it’s nearly impossible to make it look anything but beautiful!

With chalkboard paint and an oil-based paint pen, you too can create these beautiful mud cloth-inspired pumpkins or any other pattern you’ve been wanting to try!

These chalkboard menu pumpkins might be even better for Thanksgiving than they are for Halloween! Simple to paint, they make a perfect design piece for wherever you’d like to put it.

These metallic pumpkins take a long time to dry, but the end result is so worth it. Better yet, you can paint them on craft pumpkins and enjoy them year after year!

These flower-patterned pumpkins take a little more time and skill to create, but look at how beautiful they’ve turned out! Again, they can be done on a craft pumpkin so they’ll last for as long as you want them to.

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