dress up a triscuit with these tasty toppings

With grilling season in full gear and the 4th of July celebration this weekend, try these Triscuit appetizers with tasty toppings that were made for summer nights.

If you love Reuben sandwiches, you’re going to LOVE Reuben Dip. It’s all the same ingredients but mashed up in a pan and baked until hot and bubbly.

Here’s a healthier alternative to traditional pizza, since Triscuits are made from whole grains and they have lots of yummy flavors.

The Bacbluvincuit is an easy Triscuit appetizer topped with bacon, blue cheese infused with balsamic vinegar, and chives.

For this simple snack, you can top your favorite Triscuit cracker with hummus, cucumbers, and feta for a salty bite loaded with texture.

This recipe screams party appetizer and has summer written all over it! All you need is Triscuits, goat cheese, fresh strawberries, and homemade balsamic reduction!

Triscuit crackers with tangy grapefruit, creamy avocado and a drizzle of local honey for a tasty treat!


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summer travel gift guide

Whether your calendar is filling up with weekend trips up north, road trips to a few states away or you are flying off to some place fantastic… we have some terrific travel finds just for you.

Road Trip Ready

1.  Your drinks won’t leave a little lake in your cup holder with this thirsty coaster $7.95
2.  This cheeky breath spray may come in handy when it comes to long family road trips  $5.95
3.  Need to share a bathroom for a week?  Might want to grab a bottle of poo-pourri $9.95
4.  Just draw from this deck when your conversations need an extra spark $10.95
5.  Write down the little moments that make you smile as your adventure unfolds $7.95
6.  Don’t sweat about forgetting something with the use of this helpful note pad $6.95
7.  Remember your favorite experiences by saving the ticket stubs along the way $14.95

Flying High

1.  Keep your ear buds cord tangle free with some help from these cute cord keepers $9.95
2.  Tag your bag so it’s easy to spot with this adorable design by Curly Girl $12.95
3.  Stash your ibuprofen for unexpected headaches in this compact and cute ‘pill box’ $4.95
4.  This bright bird zippered bag fits perfectly under airplane seats $16.95
5. Keep your essentials close by in this pretty pouch which has a reminder we all need to adhere to… especially these days! $7.95
6.  Protect against RFID theft with this stylish and secure wallet $9.95
7.  Keep dirty clothes at bay with this compact travel laundry bag $5.95

Keep The Kids Busy

1.  Bring back some classic fun when you were young with these fun string games  $9.95
2.  Stretch your kids imagination and doodling skills with this entertaining book $9.99
3.  Spark memorable conversations that may have never happened without the help of chat pack $10.95
4.  Take a break from the electronics and go old school with this fun travel book 12.99
5.  Silly stories and an English class refresher in one!  $6.99
6.  All you need are your fingers and some yarn to keep busy with this cool book $21.99
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breezy summer sounds

It’s officially summer which means windows down and music turned up so when a album review reads, “The sunny-yet-contemplative sounds showcases Jazz’s clear penchant for sunset-ready scorchers that could easily soundtrack any top-down drive to the coast.” I have to give it a listen.

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snacks for those savory and salty cravings

If you’re going on a road trip, you need these recipes! Find some that you love and enjoy them on your trip. Maybe eating them will stop the “are we there yeeeeetttt?” for 5 minutes!

This nut & pretzel mix is a real “keeper”—not just because it tastes so good, but also because it’s quickly made from ingredients that most of us have on hand.

A savory mix of roasted nuts with sun-dried tomatoes and Italian seasonings, this Pizza Trail Mix is the ultimate snack. Vegan, gluten-free and paleo-friendly.

Make ahead crunchy, salty, savory Italian Parmesan Party Mix bursting with Italian flavor in each cashew, pretzel, chex bite!  This will become your new, easy go-to party snack that everyone will beg you to make!

This hot and spicy snack is simple to make, and it’s easy to whip up a batch for traveling or for a party or game day. Or just for having around the house for snacking!

This  easy ranch snack mix are just so perfectly flavored, perfectly toasted and perfectly popable.  They are sooo addicting!

Despite the fact that this Chili and Lime Popcorn is a healthier option, it is so tasty! It’s light, refreshing, and even better…it’s popped in and drizzled with coconut oil.


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glitter crafts that are sure to sparkle & delight

Looking for some sparkly DIY craft ideas you can make with glitter? Fun, fun, fun! We love glittery do-it-yourself ideas and are excited to share some of our favorites with you!

Nothing better than a “fancy” mason jar! Aren’t these perfect for an engagement party, shower or wedding? Love!

Here’s a really quick and easy (and cute!) DIY project and perfect for a last minute handmade gift. You can get such sweet little succulents at the Royal Oak Farmer’s Market or Eastern Market to add to this glittered up tiny terracotta pot.

Homemade playdough with glitter! What could be more fun to make and play with?!!!

Glam up a backyard party and ‘glitterize’ your table settings!

If you love glitter, why not add some fun to your summer shoes? You can find an inexpensive pair and easily make your own for under $20!

It can be hard for little one’s to decompress or calm down for bedtime, so here is something that would help calm our active and not-yet reading children as they drifted off…a bottle full of sparkles and glowing stars!


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our dad’s day picks

Dear old dads… they can be the hardest to buy for can’t they?  Our team is here to help!  Here are some of their favorites for Father’s Day.

My dad has worked hard his whole life to provide for his family, and that has meant getting his hands into some scratchy situations. This Father’s Day, I want to give him something to show that I paid attention to his hard work. This balm is perfect for those banged-up, aching hands, and showing dad how much I love him! $15.95

I got this cactus scratcher for my Dad for his birthday. In all, he loves it! I will be getting it for my brothers too for Father’s Day. Perfect guy gift. $12.95

I have a Dad in my life that loves beer and this pilsner glass is perfect. And it even has the beautiful state of Michigan on it. I know he’ll love this and use it for a long time. $13.95

This is a great puzzle for anyone, but especially a dad for Father’s Day! At 550 pieces, it isn’t a huge challenge, but it is a lot of fun working thru the various caps! Sent it to my son and he loved it! $16.95

Tacos… one food group my guy can’t get enough of so I’m going to slip a gift card to his favorite Mexican restaurant in a pair of these silly socks to celebrate another year of being a great dad. $10

This bike keychain is a great, inexpensive gift for dads, grandpas, or any special guy in your life. Great for all of the parties to come this summer! $3.95

This is the perfect gift for the guy in my life…I think him and his son will laugh a lot as well as the rest of the kids. Farts are a part of life, why not laught about them.  $10.95

My dad is a firm believer in the power of dad jokes, and even when I haven’t seen him in a while I still find myself repeating the same bad jokes he always tells. These socks are perfect for him and his “great” sense of humor. $10.95

Give the man in your life the gift that you will both enjoy. This stuff really works! Good Housekeeping even gave it their seal of approval. So, stop saying ugh! and trying to hold it. $9.95

If your dad is anything like mine, he is always working on a million different projects and keeps himself super busy! This cheeky mug is the perfect gift for him this Fathers Day to give him a good chuckle and remind him of how much he does for us all! $11.95

Does your dad have a habit of losing his keys or his phone? This Father’s Day, give him the gift of Orbit, a simple bluetooth device with the technology to help him keep track of his phone and keys. And, he can even use it as a selfie remote…with you! It’s compatible with IPhones (4s & later) and Androids (4.4 and above) and works with a free app. Dad will thank you later! $29.95

I spent much of my childhood watching movies with my father. We like to come up with our own movie trivia, based on actor’s faces and obscure quotes. Whenever we talk, I know Quentin Terrantino, Lord of the Rings, or Alfred Hitchcock are going to come up. I strive to get gifts that will bring me and the people I love closer together, and I believe Name That Movie will do just that. Perfect Father’s Day buy! $14.95
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father’s day letters he’ll remember forever

The countdown to Father’s Day is on, and if you’re looking for a last-minute gift that’s lovable and funny, look no further than these free printable Dad Libs!


When dad opens up this gift not only will he be transported back to his childhood days, but he and the whole family will be rolling on the floor laughing at the funny story that comes from his kids!


No need to guide the kids too much on this because their own responses are absolutely adorable and funny!


Here’s an inexpensive show-your-love kinda father’s day gift, a dad’s day mad lib that will be fun for all kids to fill out.


Have your child draw a picture of dad or add a photo to the frame!



Just print and fill in the blanks for a memorable keepsake for Dad this year!


Your sure kids will get a good giggle reading over these dad’s day libs!


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2017 dad’s day gift guide

Show him how smart and thoughtful you turned out… Select the perfect present early and get it wrapped for free!  We also offer complimentary delivery to our shops for all online orders.  Shop all gifts for dad HERE.

Dads Who Have Everything

1.  Remind dad what a great job he did with raising you and your siblings to be so awesome $12.95
2.  If your dad is a professional problem fixer, this handy pen is for him $12.95
3.  Fidget away all day with these super addictive magnetic spheres $25.95
4.  Treat dad to a superior soap that smells oh-so-handsome $6.95
5.  Dad can really work his MacGyver moves with this wallet sized tool that can do 12 amazing feats $12.95
6.  Pair a half gallon of dad’s favorite ice cream with this stay cold freezer bowl $21.95
7.  Let your dad know he is out of this world with these silly space alien socks $10.95

Sentimental Dads

1.  Give your dad the opportunity to share his story with you in the keepsake journal with questions to prompt some of the best stories of his life $11.95
2. Keep this journal close by so you can record all the cute thins your kids say $14.95
3.  Pair this simple and sweet mug with some of dad’s favorite coffee $14.95
4.  Capture some serious cute selfies with your kiddos using this helpful clip on wide lens  $7.95
5.  Time flies by so fast, showcase one of your favorite moments in a handmade frame $14.95
6. Let dad know how awesome he is with this funny and heartfelt book $10.95
7.  Just in case your dad doesn’t know… maybe you should get him this sign $9.95

Gift of Laughter

1.  Pair this funny glass with a bottle of his favorite liquor $10.95
2.  Give dad a good laugh and get a better smelling bathroom with a bottle of Trap a Crap  $9.95
3.  Get a gift card to dad’s favorite taco stop and slip it in these silly socks $10
4.  This funny book belongs in every dad’s library who has toddler aged kids $15
5.  It doesn’t matter the age… farts are the common denominator for loud laughs from guys $10.95
6.  We all know dads love a little praise… and here is their reminder ;-) $9.95
7.  Does your dad need some fresh one liners?  Keep him current with this humorous book.  $9.95

For Great Grandpas

1.  Guaranteed smiles when grandpa gets to look at his favoroite people everyday $12.95
2.  Story time with grandpa is always treasured $6.99
3.  Liven up his sock collection with some honest abe socks $10
4.  Say goodbye to dry and cracked hands with this smooth and non-greasy hand repair balm 15.95
5.  Just in case he needs a reminder $14.95
6.  Hold on to grandpa’s stories and wisdom forever in this special journal $11.95

Michigan Love

1.  Never be without a bottle opener with this cool keychain $7.95
2.  Showcase your favorite Michigan brews with this too cool cap trap $38.95
3.  Slow down this summer with a puzzle featuring all things Michigan $16.95
4.  Pair this tall pilsner glass with a six pack of dad’s favorite brew $13.95
5.  Pay homage to dad’s favorite team with these nice sized bowls great for cereal, snacks and ice cream $22.95
6.  Celebrate the bevy of craft beer in our great state with this cool 11×14 print featuring all the breweries you need to visit $21.95
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Quick & Easy Summer BBQ Sauce Recipes

All you really need for a simple BBQ sauce is ketchup, mustard, honey, or brown sugar. Here are some simple recipes that will jazz up your standard BBQ and give it a little kick!Can’t decide if you like your barbecue spicy or sweet? You get the best of both worlds with this sauce.With plenty of whiskey and some extra spices, this tangy, tomato-based glaze adds a touch of sweetness to any beef barbecue.This recipe has a lot of sweetness and spice, so if you’re looking for a classic BBQ sauce that’s easy to make, look no further and this one is very popular with users of ‘ceramic’ type smokers and grills!Baste any meat with this smoky-sweet sauce and you’ll turn the smallest get-together in to a raging barbecue!You’ll be amazed at how this quick 10-minute sauce can make your plain chicken breasts, or even burgers, the star of the dinner table.You’d never know this sauce is naturally sweetened and way better for you than store bought sauce, because it’s such a magnificent balance of sweet, spicy, smokey, and whiskey.Spicy Mustard BBQ Sauce adds the right amount of spice and tang to whatever you serve with it and will make a great addition to your BBQ!


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2017 graduate gift guide

How do you celebrate 12 years of tests, friends, papers, projects, school clubs, field trips, school sports and more?  A card and some cash will do but if you want to make it a bit more personal consider throwing  in an inspiring or humorous find that the graduate will remember.  Shop all grad gifts HERE.

inspiring wishes

1.  This is the time to set up your next season with a tribe who gets your vibe $9.95
2.  Collect well wishes and bits of wisdom at your graduation open house and create a keepsake you’ll treasure as the years go by $29.95
3.  These hand shaped stones may be small but the messages are big $2
4.  Another piece of wisdom to keep in mind on this lovely glass trinket plate $14.95
5.  Put your dreams and hopes down on paper and store them safely in this sweet wish box $11.95
6.  Your direction is up to you so when your heart speaks take good notes $13.95

just for fun


1.  Chances are your grad will need a least a couple of these mood buster shower bursts once they are off to school in the fall $4.95
2.  So addictive and fun to play with while you’re trying to brainstorm ideas for your school projects  $25.95
3.  Coffee and college go together like peanut butter and jelly $13.95
4.  Take a trip back to the days of golden books for wonderful wisdom that is still relevant $9.99
5.  Doesn’t getting a diploma after 12 years of school deserve a GIANT roll of smarties? $1.50
6. Did you know fidgeting is found to be helpful when you’re trying to focus? $11.95
7.  You gotta start somewhere and why not with a cape and tiara? $5.50

favorite friends

1.  Wherever your graduate goes, she is sure to leave her special sparkle $12.95
2.  They may be eighteen but this onging training can go on years… sometimes even decades!  $9.95
3.  Keep your favorite friends close by with this cute handmade photo block $13.95
4.  Slip this sweet necklace in a card as a reminder to dream BIG $13.95
5.  Sometimes believing is half the battle $10.95
6.  This next chapter is the one where you soar to your next adventure $14.95

globe trotter

1.  Stay on the right path with this pewter compass that keeps things in perspective $17.95
2.  Buckle this on the bag of your wanderlust teen $12.95
3.  A sweet little reminder to help you determine your direction $12.95
4.  Soar off to your new adventures with this colorful map scarf $11.95
5.  Keep your credit cards safe with this scan proof wallet $9.95
6.  Stash away your dirty cloth in the convenient travel laundry bag $5.95

dorm sweet dorm

1.  Keep your toothbrush cute and clean when toting it to & from the dorm bathroom $6.95
2.  Sharing a bathroom with strangers can be stressful.  Keep things discreet & smelling sweet with the help of poo-pouri $9.95
3.  College campuses can be a big place.  Keep this handy little whistle on your key chain just in case you need to use it to get someone’s attention $3.25
4.  When you need to leave a funny note for your roommate $4.25
5.  Sometimes things can get on your nerves so this bag is always a good reminder $7.95
6.  Pep talks are always appreciated… especially when you things feel overwhelming $8.95
7. Having your coffee stay hot for nine hours… yes please.  $24.95
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