treats and tricks

Need some extra special goodies for your favorite ghouls and goblins?  We have too cool tricks and tempting treats that will make them howl with delight!  Shop all Halloween goodies HERE.

the tricks

1. Turn these gummy bugs into fireflies when you pick them up with magical lighted tongs $2
2. Where did that giggle come from?  The stick is the trick!  $7.95
3. Whoopee cushions… one of the oldest tricks in the book $1.95
4. For more farting fun you will need to add the fartzooka to your arsenal $9.95
5.  Twist and turn this addictive putty for color changing fun $11.95
6. Snap crackle and pop these on your driveway for old time fun $.75
7.  Shark loving kids… this super scary puppet is for you $6.95
8.  Who wouldn’t love an extra million in the bank?  $.95
9.  Transform your pencil into a wand and make your mistakes disappear $4.95

the treats

1.  See this puzzle come to life when it glows in the dark $11.99
2.  Keep your hair looking lovely and smelling sweet with this scented brush $12.95
3.  Lips have never looked so magical before $5.95
4.  Classic candy with a surprise fizz $2.25 for 3 packs
5.  Happy or sad… this mood ring will tell what attitude you have $4
6.  Best tasting fruity gum ever made… even if it does only lsast a few flavorFULL minutes  $1.95
7.  Shoot monster eyeballs to keep those scary zombies away $11.95
8.  Create super silly stories with some help from mad libs $4.99
9.  Drawing pictures is even more fun when you have color changing markers $8.95


six super simple slime recipes!

As it gets colder, your littles can’t play outside as much. Luckily, we’re here to help! We’ve got some DIY slimes for you and your kids to play with, and there’s sure to be something here to entertain any kid.

First up is this beautiful rainbow slime! It’s simple — you buy the glue already colored and full of glitter — and has a beautiful result. Your kids will love playing with it!

Next up, we’ve got something that’s sure to please even your older kids — heat-sensitive slime! The recipe also has an explanation for how it works, so this can be used as a fun activity as well as a learning experience.

For another great glitter-filled recipe, try this galaxy slime! The author of the recipe used it as a chance to teach kids about the night sky, which we think is an excellent idea.

Really entertain your kids with Professor Figgy’s Glow Slime! They’re sure to feel like a real mad scientist when they’re playing with this.

For another slime that seems to change colors the more that you look at it, try out this duochrome slime! We think it looks awesome.

And finally, we have a mix between kinetic sand and DIY slime — kinetic slime! You can shape it any way you want, or simply play with it like you would any other slime.

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too cute tooth fairy

I’ve always had fun crafting Lolo’s Halloween costumes in the past but this year, I wasn’t feeling inspired since work has zapped a lot of my extra energy lately.

Lucky for me, Lolo’s preschool theme was all about teeth last week so when I asked her what she wanted to be for Halloween she immediately proclaimed “A Tooth Fairy!”

That’s all it took for the costume muse to work it’s magic on me… that and a trip to Old Navy and Michaels.  Here’s what you need to make this easy diy costume…  long sleeve tee and leggings, cream and pink felt, 2-3 roles of tulle, 1 sheet of glitter foam, a wood dowel, tiara, ribbon and metallic heavy mesh ribbon, elastic waffle crochet ribbon, 36 inches of white elastic and hot glue.

I made three ‘tooth fairy emblems’. One to be safety pinned on her shirt and 2 to be glued back to back for the wand.  I also made a smaller version of the emblem to be glued on the tiara.

This gold mesh ‘ribbon’ is a little prickly but it does make for the perfect light weight wings.  I cut a couple feet off and folded it over and used a ribbon to cinch the center. You could also use a little hot glue to help the ribbon stay cinched. I then tied 36 inches of elastic in a circle and secured it with the ribbon to create arm loops.

Next comes Lolo’s favorite part of the costume…. the tutu.  This girl LOVES her fluffy skirts and she twirls like it’s her part-time job.

You could easily ‘bookmark’ tie tulle on plain elastic but using this elastic crochet ribbon gives your tutu a fuller look.  I did three layers of tulle at three different lengths.  The first layer, 24 inches, the second layer 21 inches and the third layer 18 inches… staggering the layers.  I also added some metallic ribbons to tie in the gold theme.

Lolo loved ‘helping’ put everything together and couldn’t get enough of that self adhesive gold glitter foam!

She was pretty excited to try everything on and prance around the backyard like any tooth fairy would.  I’m sure she’ll be extra busy after Halloween when all those kids devour chewy candies and loosen up their teeth.
Happy Halloween!
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baby love gift guide

Little ones are born everyday but did you know September and August are the most popular month for birthdays?  (must be all that winter snuggling)  So if you  have a new baby to meet or have an invitation to a baby shower, here are some goodies that are sure to make any new mom smile.

unique and useful

1. Meal time will be a little less of a mess with this too cool mini mat that suctions right to the table or highchair $19.95
2.  Little ones love to grip this light weight teether to sooth their gums $6.95
3. This blankie covers all the bases and is sure to be a baby’s best friend  $23.95
4. Turn meal time into a ton of fun with these clever utensils $21.95
5. Stay free from a sprinkling pee pee with some help from these too cute teepees $10.95
6.  Swaddling blankets are the best and when they are made out of snuggly bamboo they are even better  $18.95

sweet and sentimental

1.  Put your favorite photos of your little one on display with a handmade frame $35.95
2.  Slip this sweet magnet into a congratulations card for the new parents $5.50
3.  Document you baby’s dearest days with this great milestone card set $26
4.  Wish you baby the sweetest dreams each night with this adorable story $6.99
5. Babies change so fast and these month markers make for great memories $12.95
6.  Personalized birth announcement prints are the perfect addition to a nursery wall $24.95

for the laughs

1.  Make your little one’s legs extra magical with these too cute unicorn socks $8.95
2.  Nothing wrong with starting their love of literature young $9.99
3.  Hilarious tips for raising tiny humans $9.95
4.  Parents of any toddler know the list of ridiculous reasons why kids cry.  Be comforted that you are not alone  $15
5.  This sealed fortune telling baby tee is sure to get lots of laughs at any baby shower $14.95
6.  100 funny and heartfelt reasons to join the adventure of parenthood $10.95

baptism and christening

1.  Remember your little one’s special spiritual day with a personalized cross $26.50
2.  A beautiful collection of God’s promises to us $12.95
3.  A lovely reminder that even small lights can shine bright $8.95
4.  Include this inspiring token inside a card celebrating the special day $2
5.  Showcase a photo of your little miracle in a handmade frame  $21.95
6. This little lamb was made for snuggling $8.95
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7 great gender reveal ideas

Finding out the gender of your baby-to-be is one of the most exciting parts about being a parent! Here we have 7 great ideas of ways to announce it, be it at a party or to the older sibling.

For a classic, try this beautiful gender reveal cake! With blue and pink frosting, it contains M&Ms in the middle to reveal whether you’re having a baby boy or a baby girl.

In a similar vein, try these adorable cupcakes! They feature a heart in the middle, made of cake in the chosen pink or blue.

For a homemade touch, try these beautiful cards. They come with a pull-out tab revealing whether you’re expecting a baby boy or a baby girl!

For a way to include your little one in the announcement, try this artistic reveal! Best of all, it comes with a piece of art that you can hang in baby’s room once they’ve arrived.

This beautiful pinata is another sweet way to announce to your older sibling! Pretty and simple to make, it works anywhere that you have a big enough tree.

This next one is a great idea for a party: blindfold yourselves and have your guests spray pink or blue silly string at you!

Finally, we have a sweet way to include the older sibling in your reveal announcement! Grab a chalkboard and your sonogram picture and you’re all set!

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happy housewarming gifts

Moving is exhausting and exciting all at the same time.  One of the exciting things is being able to make it your cozy home.  Help your friends and family get that started with a thoughtful housewarming gift they will remember  Shop all housewarming gifts HERE.

Functional Finds

1. Add a little color to their kitchen with these fun felt trivets $19.95
2.  Invite these friendly salt & pepper mushrooms to your kitchen counter to spice things up $11.95
3. Cleaning is never fun, so you might as well have some fun gloves to scrub any left behind grime away $16.95
4. How perfect is this clock to feather your new nest? $59.95
5.  Show up with a plate of cookies to share and this thoughtful giving plate $14.95
6.  Get them giggling with this always popular gurgle pot $39.95

Sweet Sentiments

1.  …because it’s the family that really makes a house a home  $35.95
2.  Adorn your entry with this sweet blessing $7.95
3.  A most beautiful way to welcome guests and family everyday $13.95
4.  Personalize your new fridge with this silly magnet clip $7.95
5.  Pretty rooms and lovely neighborhoods still can’t compete with the ones that you love $34.95
6.  Put your family in print with this pretty typography wall art $24.95


Michigan Love

1.  This hand embroidered dish towel shows off all the lovely areas of our great state $18.95
2.  Home is where your heart is and you can move this magnet to wherever you hang your hat in our great state $13.95
3.  Adorn your wall with this beautfiul and rustic representation of our great state $34.95
4. Slice and dice your dinner on this hardy bamboo cutting board shaped like our great state  $21.95
5.  Come with a six pack of your favorite Michigan brews and a couple of these great pilsner glasses $13.95
6.  Keep your coffee table ring free and looking gorgeous with these hand crafted coasters $15.95
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surprise smiles are our specialty

Nothing communicates kindness like a warm smile. They feel good to get and even better to give away. These are just a few finds that will help you do just that.

1. They always say your day will go the way the corners of your mouth turn so you might as well start out with a smile $10.95
2.  Here is a sure way to spread a little sunshine wherever you go $7.95
3. Finding it difficult to find your smile?  This Book of Awesome will help you discover it again $16
4. Half the battle of finding happiness is paying attention $9.95
5.  Those we love most are professionals at making us smile $7.95
6.  When was the last time you let someone know how awesome they are? $4.95
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six savory bread recipes!

Everyone loves homemade bread, and we love all of these recipes! Just in time for fall.

Decadent and delicious, this garlic and cheese-flavored pull-apart bread is sure to please everyone in your family.

Perfect for an appetizer, we think this rosemary focaccia bread sounds like an absolute crowd-pleaser. It looks as good as it tastes!

A classic, pretzel bread is perfect for everything from sandwiches to eating on its own, and this recipe looks to be the best of the best. We can’t wait to try it!

For a twist on the classic Bundt cake, try this cheesy bread! Savory and tangy instead of sweet, it’s just as perfect as any cake you might make.

Try this olive bread for a luxuriant loaf to share with family and friends this holiday season.

Admit it — who doesn’t love cheese and bacon? This bread is full of flavor and everyone will be sure to be clamoring for seconds!
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a few of our favorite things

It’s hard not to take things home when you work in a whimsical world filled with tempting goodies.  These are the latest finds that are on our wish list.

This is the cutest wine glass for wine lovers and dog lovers alike. Perfect for my friends who are “dog ladies”. $12.95

Who wouldn’t love to receive a set of these gorgeous coasters? Perfect for your cottage Up North, too! $15.95

This book is fabulous for adults and children alike. It provides not only a list of wonderful books, but little facts about the book and a place to write your review of the book. Children will love the “new” books to explore and adults will love revisiting their childhood. $12.95

“Is it time to make cupcakes? OR give directions to an AMAZING city in MI?” Great gift if you are traveling, fits well in any carry on bag. $12.95

I absolutely love this beautiful planner! Every page is so pretty that I’m hoping it will help me keep track of my life a little better- and make me smile every time I look at it. I can hardly wait until January to get to really use it! $13.99

This is an exceptionally cute mug for dog lovers! It has a warm sentiment printed inside the top of the mug that makes it cuter yet! It is dishwasher safe and microwavable. Great for gift giving! $16.95

I write. A lot. And I am never without a little notebook to jot down bits and pieces of stories. So this compact, soft journal is just the perfect size to take with me on road trips, hikes, or just to the coffee shop. It’s lightweight, and even has inspirational quotes to provide a little umph to keep writing. I can’t wait to fill this up through the rest of the year! $7.95

So I can be a goof. I love puppets, even though I’m in my mid-twenties. It’s very flexible and my kitten loves attacking it. Play yourself the jaws theme, put on shark week, and have a blast! $6.95

This book explains differences between many commonly misused words. It includes examples as well as clever tips and tricks to help you remember the correct word usage. Would be a great gift for a writer, editor, or student! $6.99

One of the best things about our state are the great lakes and this delicate Michigan made necklace celebrates them in a clever and stylish way. $26.95

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library for your littles

It’s no surprise that many childhood memories include reading favorite books over and over again.  Take a tour to see what titles you can add to your library of learning and laughter…

1. This magical book is a must have.  It turns a simple story time into a surprising and memorable experience! $15.99
2.  A too fun twist on the ever popular Goodnight Moon for all those Pride and Prejudist fans $16.99 
3. Farts will forever make boys and men giggle alike so you know this hilarious title will be a hit  $15.99
4. Bring a flashlight to shine through these pages for shadow play on your bedroom wall $12.99
5.  Inspire your girls to think big like these amazing women in history $9.99
6.  I learned lots of important words from this classic 40 years ago and I am having fun sharing these timeless scenes with my little one today $15.99

for babies

1. This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect way to celebrate the night your little one joined your family  $7.99
2.  This series of indestructible books is perfect for babies who like to tug and chew on the pages   $5.95
3. … because we can never get enough of unicorns $11.95
4. Silly tails is full of fun textures, colors and sounds making it a great baby shower or first birthday gift $15.95
5. Make Max come alive in the too cute finger puppet board book $6.99
6.  Start counting two rich gentlemen… three houses… in this cheeky Pride and Prejudice primer $9.99

fun activities

1. Tis the season to get cozy so there is no better time to put your fingers to work $21.99
2.  Brush up on your boy scout skills with this handy knot book $14.99
3.  Childhood goes by so quickly… capture your kid’s opinion about all sorts of things with this cool question and answer book  $16.95
4. Make your school notes look super cool after you master the art of bubble writing $14.95
5.  Find out all the fun you can with just a simple piece of paper $19.99
6.  Start a family weekly movie night this year with some of these great suggestions $12.95

michigan love

1. Make your way through our entire state using the ABC’s  $17.95
2.  Did you know there was a mermaid of the great lakes?! $16.99
3. Michigan grads… I believe this text book belongs in your baby’s library $10.95
4. Twenty-six more reasons that we love Michigan $12.99
5.  Rhyme your way through our state in this adorable board book $9.95
6.  State grads… I believe this text book belongs in your baby’s library $10.95
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