silverware at your service giveaway

When I first spotted these quirky characters, I couldn’t help but to grin a bit.  And the cool thing is they came to be because some college kids couldn’t find work due to the recession in 2010. They thought it would be funny to start selling little people made out of forks and spoons. So thanks to their creativity & talent we have a family of Forked Up friends to help bring a little humor to your kitchen.

So how can you get this helpful & humorous duo for free? ($60.90 value)

We’ll draw a lucky firefly fan’s name on Tuesday, February 28, 2012 and the winner will be listed on this post.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

 Have fun, good luck and thanks for playing!

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45 thoughts on “silverware at your service giveaway

  1. My favorite thing or things to make for dinner? I love to make my mother’s Lebanese recipes. She was the greatest and a really great cook. Chicken and rice w/cinnamon, pine nuts and more. Or lamb stew w/tomato sauce, green beans or peas and cinnamon.

  2. My favorite food to make and eat is my homemade meatballs, made with cream of mushroom soup, served with noodles. Absolute comfort food!!

  3. Thanks for offering this great giveaway. As I don’t tweet or do facebook any more, this will be my lone entry. My favorite dish to make is a blackberry cobbler with fresh blackberries I braved all the stickers to gather. Well worth the pain!

  4. My favorite dinner is make is a Thai dish called gang gai. Ingredients include coconut milk, chicken, thai basil, thai eggplant, baby corn, and whatever else suits our fancy at the time!

    Love the utensil men!

  5. my favorite meal for dinner is turkey, cheesy taters, green beans, and biscuits. Think Thanksgiving every day–yum!

  6. Favorite dinner is chicken, spanish rice, and tortillas. Think I’ll make it this weekend, now you got me thinking about it! :) Love these!

  7. I love love love to make homemade chicken and broccoli crepes!!!They take some time but are so worth it in the end and I have left overs that are just as good as the first night for days! MMmm

  8. My favorite thing to make for dinner is a middle eastern chicken dish.

    You marinate chicken breasts in olive oil, lemon juice, oregano, hot red pepper flakes, garlic and ground sumac (available at any middle eastern store)…then you can either grill the breasts, broil or sautee (I sautee them because I don’t have a grill)…they are delicious! The recipe is from Rachael Ray I believe…I love to serve it with Greek salad and whole wheat couscous! Nutritious and delicious!
    I am dying to win these! They are adorable!

  9. The silverware couple are absolutely adorable.
    My favorite dinner is a quinoa loaf en croute with roasted veggies on the side.

  10. My favorite thing to make for dinner is salmon with fresh lemon and dill! The silverware are SO cute. I think my young daughter would get a kick out of them.

  11. We like to make a big pot of chili and eat it with cheese on top and with crackers, sometimes I might make some cornbread!!

    Thanks for the chance to win some cute ‘little people’…love them!!

  12. I like the whole “breakfast for dinner” thing. There’s nothing that i love more than eating eggs and bacon before bed! :D

  13. Uh… it didn’t give me a chance to put a comment in, so I will do it here. I love making homemade macaroni and cheese…. nothing beats it on a chilly day!

  14. my favorite dinner to make is either drunken ham (yes, drunken!) with all the fixings (mashed potatoes, rolls & a veggie), or tuna noodle casserole (nice comfort food).

  15. My favorite dinner to make is banana pancakes and smoothies. It is a nutritious meal that my entire family (three kids under five snd hubby) will actually eat!

  16. My favorite dinner to make is baked spaghetti. I add extra cheese to the recipe, and my family loves it served with Texas Toast cheese bread and a tossed salad.

  17. My favorite thing to make for dinner is Spaghetti using bacon and roasted red peppers.I don’t use any regular sauce just the canned roasted red peppers. I also put sour cream in the spaghetti before I mix w/ sauce.

  18. I love to make pasta. Everyone enjoys it, and it a great way to sneak in veggie and the kids don’t know. Paired w/ a great salad and fresh bread. What could be easier!

  19. I LOVE the silver ware set .so, so cute!!!! Are we suppose to put our favorite foods on here? If so it would have to be Pork Chops, mashed potato’s with butter, cream cheese, salt and pepper , and macaroni and tomato`s. yum- yum ºÜº I will add to FB too if I can figure out how.

  20. My favorite dinner to make is my dads homemade polish sausage and cheezy potatoes. It stinks up the house but it sure tastes scrumptous. Cant wait to make it at Easter!!!

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