seven sweet snack mixes!

Though the holiday season may be over, the sweet treats don’t have to be! Make any of these delicious sweet snack mixes for your family, and you’re sure to have a crowd-pleaser.

First up, we have this easily customizable cookie mix. No matter what sort of cookie treats you add to it, this is sure to be delicious for kids and adults alike!

It made be a little early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day treats, but we couldn’t resist including this delectable-looking puppy chow! It’s flavored like strawberries and cream; it’s a simple combination but one that’s impossible to resist.

This garden-themed puppy chow is sure to be fun to make and for your kids to eat! Add in a couple gummy worms to each serving and watch them have a blast doing some “digging”.

This puppy chow, made with Apple Chex and Milky Way bars, is the perfect blend of caramel and apples. Of course, this can also be customized to just be chocolate and caramel flavored with regular Chex!

We love the idea of these Andes mint-flavored muddy buddies! Chocolate and mint, together in a snack bowl – what could be better?

For another flavor of muddy buddies, try these – they taste like cotton candy! It’s a sweet and delicious treat.

To wrap this up, we have another Valentine’s Day-themed treat. This puppy chow tastes just like red velvet cake, and when it’s topped off with little red hearts, it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

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making days brighter in 2017

One new year tradition we enjoy is looking back at the past 365 days and reflecting on how we made days brighter. Here are some of our favorites…

233 sherpa socks given away to firefly fans on Small Business Saturday
60 sixty dollar gift card books donated to local charities
2341 (or maybe a few more) bubbles chased by our doorways in Ann Arbor and Rochester
2992 dollars given to Haven and Cass Community from change collected from our firefly fans
36 sixty-three dollar shopping spree winners
129 pounds of food donated to Open Hands Food Pantry during our holiday open house
1276 dollars donated to charity water from selling over 300 mudlove bracelets
100 seeds of happiness sent to people who could use a smile on World Smile Day
1004 dollars donated to THAW from gift wrapping tips during the holiday season
Thank YOU for sharing these great times with us in 2017!


firefly favorites for the new year

With the new year comes new goals, new plans and new ways of starting fresh.  Here are few goodies that are inspiring our firefly team for 2018.

I love the idea of a short, morning ritual of journaling about what I will let go of, what I’m grateful for, and what I will focus on. In the new year Im hoping to live with more mindfulness and intention, and was so happy when I found this while browsing at catching fireflies. So excited to start the new year with this book! $14.95

With the new year comes new promises to myself, and this is one of the big ones. I’m going to spend my year finding truths and helping others, and this magnet on my fridge will keep reminding me all year long what I’ve got to do! $4.95

My resolution for 2018 is to reach out to family and friends with a written note. Texting is fast, but everyone loves a little mail in the actual mailbox! $12.95

One of my goals for the new year is to stop eating out so much, and this book is full of great recipes to keep me from just making spaghetti every night! $16.95

So, excited for The Happiness Code book to be the first read for 2018. Keeping me “on point” with real examples to be the best version of me through a new year. $16.99

This past year has been one of big transitions for me… most notably deciding to stop wholesaling our handmade frames & moving out of our studio/warehouse. Big changes like these are never easy so this is a valuable perspective for me moving into 2018. $29.95

My resolution for 2018 is to travel more. Now that I have a child living on the other side of the country, I plan to do more adventurous travel to see her and the fascinating place she calls home. A luggage tag is necessary! $8.95

Since I won’t be 39 forever, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start giving my brain some more exercise. This book gives some great ideas that will help me stimulate my brain in the new year! Neurobics 2018, here I come! $8.95

I am really on a health kick heading into 2018 and along with working out I need a healthy alternative to my usual snacks. This beautiful cookbook is packed with vegan, gluten free bites that will keep my energy up and power me through my day! $16.95

2017 brought a big move and a career change for me, and this saying will remind me in 2018 that whatever I dream for myself I can accomplish. $24.95

You can not go wrong with this book by Maya Angelou. If you are looking for words of wisdom and encouragement for the new year, Rainbow in the Cloud is a must read. Finding peace and happiness will make your rainbow shine brighter in 2018! $20
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2018 resolutions

Looking for some inspiration to make this year more memorable?  Here are few reminders that will bring a little more light into your life.
1.  Because we are in charge of what direction we’re driving our lives $8.95
2.  An ongoing action that helps keep things in perspective $29.95
3.  Sometimes it’s helpful to a have a reminder when you don’t feel so shiny $13.95
4.  Because often it’s the little moments that become the big memories $10.95
5.  Pay attention to the tiny pleasures that make your world so wonderful $9.95
6.  Because sometimes we forget that it’s a choice $4.95
7.  Big change takes lot of small steps over a long period of time… keep going $6.95
8.  Life is better when you live in community $27.95
9.  Taking a break to meditate can make all the difference $13.95


new year’s eve goodies

1.  Never guess which glass is yours with some help from these elegant wine writers  9.95
2.  For a more low key way to ring in the new year… $3.95
3.  Write your wishes for the new year on this magical paper and watch them fly to the sky at stroke of midnight $11.95
4.  Impress your drink snob friends with these large square ice cubes $10.95
5. Now here is a toast your troop can raise their glasses to $5.50
6. It’s important always to keep a free hand for snacking on bite sized treats and these wine glass plate toppers solve that problem  $21.95


stocking stuffer gift guide 2017

Sometimes the most fun gifts are found in stockings and we’re here to help make that happen!  Shop all Stocking Stuffers HERE.

for the gals

1.  Let your happy memories live on in this cute handmade photo block $12.95
2.  Put a popsocket on your phone and you will wonder how you went so long without one $9.95+
3.  For the one of a kind friend in your life $8.95
4.  When things get tough… the tough put their boots on $5.50
5. If you still believe in the magic of Santa Claus… this bracelet belongs to you  $10.95
6. Just in case your boss needs a gentle reminder about your stress tolerance $10.95
7.  A great staple in your hair accessories drawer $10.95
8.  Maybe pair this with a gift card to her favorite donut shop? $11.95
9.  Because your window sill above the kitchen sink could use a little cuteness $7.95
See more Small Goodies for Gals

for the guys

1.  Always be prepared with a pocket monkey in your wallet $12.95
2.  These socks pair wonderfully with a gift card to his favorite taco place  $10.00
3.  This magical potion is funny and the whole household benefits from it! $9.95
4. Fidget-widgety fun is bound to be had with these 512 rare earth magnets  $25.95
5. Because you never know when you might need to class it up at the last minute $8.95
6. Attention biking and beer lovers… this needs to be on your key chain  $3.95
7.  Say goodbye to sandpaper hands with some help from this great guy hand cream $15.95
8.  For all your bacon craving emergency needs $15.95
9.  Help your guys joke game with this funny read $9.95
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for the kids

1.  A classic taste that never gets old $8.95
2.  Bounce this boy like no other ball on the planet $9.95
3.  This helpful pig specializes in sharp pencils $5.95
4.  Pink Hello Kittty hot chocolate?  Yes, please! $1.95
5.  Super kids need Super hero socks $7.95
6.  Collect them all… addictive mini thinking putty tins  $3.95
7.  Let the good times roll… literally with this fun, fast dice game $14.95
8.  A mighty cute manicure for little fingers  $5.95
9.  Our favorite winter magical creature… now available in lip gloss! $5.95
10. Coloring is even more fun when you can make the colors on the page change $8.95
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cat and dog lover gift guide 2017

Nothing quite pulls at our heart strings like our furry family members. That’s why we specialize in loads of finds that celebrate our four legged friends.

dog lovers

1.  Because our furry friends know a thing or two about joy and love $12.95
2.  Is that really too much to ask?  #dogmom $8.95
3.  True words indeed! $12.95
4.  Just in case your friends and family don’t already know ;-) $9.95
5. If your puppy could talk… $14.95
6. This wine glass affirms any questions you have about solo drinking habits $12.95
7.  When you guys loves his pug and isn’t afraid to show it $10
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cat lovers

1.  The advice on the cover is all I needed to hear to make me want to buy this book $12.95
2.  A very funny thank you from your favorite feline $5.95
3.  Because fur babies are some of our favorite babies $12.95
4.  This possibly could be the cutest flour sack towel print ever $10.95
5. All I want for Christmas…  $12.95
6. Because every cat lover needs a cat-in-a-box pencil $3.95
7.  For all your smarty cat friends  $8.95
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2017 gratitude gift guide

We all have people to thank this time of year… teachers, hair stylists, party hosts, office assistants, babysitters, clients, house cleaners and the list goes on.    Always be prepared to show your gratitude with one of these grab and go gifts…

little gifts of gratitude

1.  Let them know they are the bees knees with these pretty socks $8.95
2.  Battle winter weather dry skin with this amazing smelling orange blossom lotion $10.95
3.  Just in case they need a reminder $14.95
4.  This awesome book celebrates all the awesome things that can be celebrated including the person you’re giving it too $16
5. Who says chewing gum can’t be affirming? $1.95
6. When you need to thank a lot of people… these surprise notes are the best $7.95
7.  Put a gift card to their favorite spot in this sweet change purse  $4.95
8.  Because the world needs more amazing people like them $7.95

for the hip hostess

1.  Keep your counters clean with this absorbent and fast drying Swedish dish cloth $6.95
2.  Keep one hand free for more snacking with these great wine glass toppers $21.95
3.  Never misplace your glass at a party again with these handy wine writers $9.95
4.  This amazing holiday scent will make your home extra cozy during the holidays $14.95
5. Get the party conversation started with a chat pack $10.95
6. Dress up your wine bottle with this cute gnome topper $6.95
7.  A funny and useful potion to ward off any unpleasant bathroom smells  $9.95
8.  Keep the giving going all year long with this thoughtful giving plate  $14.95


for top teachers

1.  Let your teacher know she is making you a smart cookie $8.95
2.  Wrap up some homemade sweets in this cute snowman flour sack towel $9.95
3.  Personalize this handmade sign with your teacher’s name for a special gift $9.95
4.  Nothing like the sweet smell of Jane Austen to bring a little peace to your nest  $7.95
5.  Have your child fill this book out… or coordinate the kids in the class to each fill out a line  for a great memorable gift for a top teacher $12.95
6. This sweet succulent needs no water and would be a great way to thank your teacher for helping you grow $13.95
7.  This magnet is a mighty important reminder for teachers who are inspiring young minds $5.50
8.  Because every teacher could use a little relaxation during the break and these aromatherapy shower bursts are the perfect way to pamper her  $4.95
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2017 kid gift guide

From the littles to the BIGS we have a few fun finds that are sure to be a happy surprise!

teen girl

1.  Look super cute and keep your hair out of your face with this practical and pretty boho bandeau $10.95+
2.  Because silly socks are just fun… snacking sloths 9.95
3.  When you need some extra magical luck $11.95
4.  The must-have phone accessory this season… popsockets $9.95+
5.  Keep the essentials in this cute ID bag $13.95
6. Take a break from technology and journal in this lovely llama journal $14.95
7.  Ten treasures await as you unroll the surprise ball… so fun! $18.95

teen guy

1.  Fidget away with this super cool looking and very addictive thinking putty $11.95+
2.  When you need to satisfy that bacon craving anytime and any place $9.95
3.  For invincible guys that are on to bigger and better things $10.95
4.  The must have phone accessory of the season  $9.95+
5.  Make this marvelous metal Star Wars model without using any glue or solder  $16.95
6.  Stay hydrated and hip with this slick water canteen that keeps things cold for 25 hours $27.95
7.  More fidget fun with these 512 rare earth magnets $25.95
8.  Because farts are always funny  $10.95

little girl

1.  For your love crushes and best friend secrets… my diary  $10.95
2.  A must-have magical purse for any unicorn fan $13.95
3. Brushing your hair just got a bit more fun with this yummy scented hair brush $12.95
4. Perfect for making Christmas cookies with mom $18.95
5. Coloring has never smelled better with these yummy scented smencils $14.95
6. What destiny will your cootie catcher reveal?! $14.99
7. Puzzles are even more fun when they glow in the dark $11.99

little guy

1.  Amaze your friends and family with your mighty magic skills  $21.95
2.  Test your memory with this classic game $25.95
3. Let everyone know you have mad ninja skills when you where these sweet socks $7.95
4.  This is such a fun way to make a picture come to life  $9.95
5. Wrap up this shooter with a bag of mini marshmallows for a fun ‘snow fight’ this season $6.95
6.  Watch these space planes soar with a few folds $9.95

toddler girl

1.   Because tea parties are always a good idea $26.95
2.  Dress up and play all day with these over 400 reusable stickers $9.99
3.  Take your cute kitty with you wherever you go!  $19.95
4.  Create a fun story at bath time with these merry mermaids that stick to your tile $19.95
5.  This silly unicorn can’t wait to pop a little magic your way $11.95
6. Teach your little girls about BIG dreams with this great series $14.99

toddler boy

1.  In a space land far far away… $13.95
2.  Stick and re-stick over 75 trucks and more with this cool activity book $7.95
3. Perfect for making Christmas cookies with mom and dad $17.95
4.  This interactive book will have your boys laughing through the whole story $15.95
5.  Now this is a fierce night light! $36.95
6. Because farts are always funny $2.50

baby love

1.  Keep mealtime under control with this cool suctioned mat $19.95
2.  For teething babies who love to snuggle $13.95
3. Play baby’s first game with this indestructible book that holds up to chewing & so much more $5.95
4.  A fun furry addition to add to your winter reading line-up  $11.95
5.  And pair it with this cozy guy for the story to really come to life $14.95
6. Squirt away during bath play with this cute fish $2.95

stocking stuffers

1. My daughter picks these silly giggle sticks up every time she visits the shop $1.95
2.  Start your putty collection with these great mini tins available in many styles $3.95
3.  Pink hot chocolate?  Yes, please  $1.95
4.   Remember koosh balls?  Still just as fun to toss around $6.95
5. Unicorn pencils always make homework a little more fun $3.95
6. For patching up serious ninja wounds  $4.95
7. Scare friends and family with this fierce dino puppet $6.95
8.  Mood rings… always a fun accessory to have in your jewelry box $4
9.  A dice game the whole family can play! $14.95
10.  When you need a little extra magical glitter to get you through the day $9.95
11.  What’s not to love about sea monkeys?  $13.95
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2017 gal’s gift guide

Since we featured the guys in November, now it’s time to focus on fun finds just for the gals.  Whether you are shopping for a girlfriend, mom, grandma or sister, we’ve got the goods that will bring a smile to their face.

Has Everything

1.  Mom’s babies grow up so fast… freeze a favorite moment in this handmade frame $35.95
2. Turn your ordinary shower into a mini spa getaway with these always popular shower steamers  $19.95
3.  A fun twist on hoops… these lightweight lovelies will become a staple in your earring library $14.95
4.  Because if you obey all the rules, you miss all of the fun $19.95
5. This is the fourth year we’ve carried these pretty wraps and they continue to sell sell sell! Offered in a few different colors  $39.95
6. Once you put a popsocket on your phone, you will wonder how you lived without it! $9.95+


1. Pair these socks with a gift card to her favorite pizza place $8.95
2.  This nag note pad is $4.25 … having some listen and do what you wish… priceless!
3.  Pair this towel with a bottle of grape and a Starbucks gift card and you’re set for any holiday drama $11.95
4.  Mom’s job in a nutshell $5
5.  Ahhh, germs… because little hands LOVE them!  $5.95
6.  …because your favorite holiday sweets and snacks aren’t going to make themselves $11.95
7.  When you’re all about keeping standards high $11.95


1.  When you go together like milk and cookies $8.95
2.  An important reminder that makes life more lovely $8.95
3.  Some of our favorite moments are spent with friends  $14.95
4.  Because some sisters are made along the way $10.95
5.  Who needs Christmas cookies when you can have sprinkled donuts?  $5.50
6. We couldn’t agree more!  $8.95

More Wine Please

1.  Casual Fridays are so last year… when is Bring Your Wine to Work Day? $9.95
2.  A most merry way to mark your drinks $12.95
3. Never misplace your wine glass at a party when you use these wine glass writers $9.95
4.  Free your hands to eat appetizers with these handy wooden wine glass plates $21.95 set of 4
5. Who is this “Moderation” we’re supposed to be drinking with? $5
6.  Dress up a favorite bottle of wine with some help from this jolly gnome $6.95
7.  Is this really asking too much?  $12.95


1.  Give a whole month’s worth of little inspirations with these cute pop open cards $7.95
2.  Maya is the master of inspiring words $20
3. This cute camera sign definitely keeps things in focus $9.95
4.  A gentle reminder to when sometimes it’s easy to forget $10.95
5. The bigger the dream… the bigger the adventure $35
6. Because sometimes it’s easy to forget how blessed we are  $11.95
7. A timeless reminder... now if it was just as easy as riding a bike $29.95

Queen of the Kitchen

1.  This adorable gnome pot holder and dish cloth set can’t wait to help you bake cookies $17.95
2. This angry mama specializes in cleaning your microwave as she steams away crusty crud  $10.95
3. A big thank you to Sweden for inventing this super thirsty cloths that soak up spills far better than a paper towel and dry quickly too… not to mention they are also pretty cute. $6.95
4. Add a pop of color to your table with this handcrafted felt trivet $19.95
5.   If you enjoy the time in your kitchen, this classic mixer clock was made just for you $59.95
6. This cute penguin salt and pepper couple will keep you smiling all winter long  $9.95
7.  Tis the season for parties.  Up your cocktail game with this yummy recipe book $22.95

Love You Gramma

1.   Gather up a favorite photo of the grandkids and surprise her with this handmade photo frame $14.95
2. We don’t see any reason why we can’t swap an R for an L – works for us! $11.95
3. Grandmas also are for reading really fun stories  $16.99
4.  Put grandma’s favorite people in print with this custom typography design $24.95
5. Turn grandma on to yummy tasting loose tea $12.95
6. And get her a great mug that is made for steeping loose tea too $21.95

My Mitten

1.  Are you a great lakes girl?  Then this necklace is for you $26.95
2.  Make your next batch of sugar cookies shaped like our great state $4.95
3. This dish towel shows the Twelve Days of Christmas Michigan style  $9.95
4.  Have you seen a cuter way to serve up chips and dip?  $32.95 & $22.95
5. Now you really can use your hand for a map of Michigan with these great mittens  $26.95
6. Take a little Michigan with you wherever you go  $24.95
7.  Bake away with some help from an oven mitt shaped like our state $12.95
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