a little inspiration to create your own silly snowman

As winter winds down, it’s time to take full advantage of the snow and think out of the box. Once you get a look at these crazy and cute snowmen, you’ll never go back to the “traditional” style.

creative snowmen

Have fun coming up with your own unique spin on these cleverly created snow people!


clever funny handstand snowmanThis one’s a hands-down favorite (Buzzfeed)

sun bathing snowman

Literally chillin’ out (Pinterest)

florida bound snowman

I guess it would be helpful to head to Florida for the best sun rays (pinterest)

clever cute snowman textingMost likely checking the weather forecast : )   (Bored Panda)

snowmen at play

Playing in the snow is always more fun with your friends (Today’s Snowman)

father and son snowman

Or even better with your dad (Is Cute)

cute clever mailbox snowman

Just a hint of humor for your mail carrier (omglifestyle)

cute clever snowman on carThe cutest little hitchhiker that we’ve ever seen (Buzzfeed)

snowman on slide

Just waiting for the kids to come out and play (pinterest)

snowman on park benchPassing the time on a park bench (Today’s Snowman)

snowman feeding birds

Well… this is a pretty clever way to make fast friends (Rock River Stitches)

cute funny snowman bandSnowman jam session (Pinterest)

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little things that make us laugh

It’s hard not to smile throughout the day when you spend it at catching fireflies.  Here are just a few goodies that make us smile…

funny coworker gift

This is the perfect desk sign for almost everyone I know including myself. I think everyone I know feels this once in a while and it’s small enough I can pull it out and the appropriate times! $5.95

funny retirement gift

As another birthday fast approaches, I chuckled at this fun sign. Just a reminder that you are as young as you feel in your heart…and there really is no good reason to act your age! Do what makes you happy and let this cute little block sign remind you of that! $9.95

funny coworker gift

This line on my to do list never seems goes away. Maybe if I start to dream about it being clean… it will eventually become a reality. $4

dog lover gift

It wasn’t until I owned my first dog as an adult that I really appreciated just what a dog is about. This book is perfect way to laugh about her weird tendencies, and know that there are others out there who have dogs as strange as mine. Great gift for dog lovers everywhere! $9.99

funny hostess gift

It’s been such a gloomy month but this cheeky wine bottle tag brings a smile to my face! The perfect little something to have on hand to gift to a friend with their favorite merlot! $3.95

funny hostess gift

How could you not agree with this napkin message?! Bringing laugher and fun conversations with your guests will come quickly with these fun napkins! Cheers! $5.50

funny gift for dad

These socks brought a smile to my face the second I saw them! The perfect gift to stay warm this winter while laughing with the family! $10.95

funny retirement gift

This little book is just plain funny. Can’t help but laugh out loud. Love it!! Got a few people in mind for this!! $12.99

helpful kitchen gadget

Love love love these to save all my half used fruits and veggies in the fridge without them browning and going bad.  Using them brings a smile to my face. $3.95+

inspiring coffee mug

This quote always makes me smile! Everyone needs to be reminded sometimes that they’re strong and can do this! Your morning coffee or cup of tea is a great time to have this pick me up! $18.95

fun kids toy

Sometimes the simple things are really the best things. They really do bounce high and they even make a fun suction noise on certain services. Great stress reliever too! $9.95

Shop all funny finds HERE.

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too cute toddler valentines

When I was little I loved making handmade valentines for my classmates every year so I thought I would start this fun tradition with Miss Marlo.

diy toddler valentine cards

We picked up some water color paper, liquid water color paints and some pretty paint brushes from catching fireflies to get the project started.  I also colored some tiny hearts with white crayons on the paper before she painted so they would appear like magic when she would brush over them.
After the papers dried I ironed them so they would be a bit more flat and cut out hearts out with fun edged scissors.

valentine cards toddlers can make

I signed her name and she added her special scribbles then we were ready to spread a some love to all her buddies for Valentine’s Day!
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truffle making party

Tis the season for decadent chocolates, thoughtful gifts for ones you love and fun Friday nights so I decided to host a little get together with my Kensington Church high school girls small group and took care of all three!

truffle making party

I’ve blogged about how easy it is to make truffles before so you can grab the recipe there.  This time I did 3 batches to offer some variety.  They all have the same base of Ghirardelli dark chocolate and I added vanilla to one, orange extract to another and mint extract to the last batch.  You can also mix up what to roll them in.  I offered chopped pecans, crushed Oreos, cocoa and sprinkles.
Now to the pretty presentation… These origami boxes will take your homemade gift to the next level and once you make one, they are actually pretty easy to assemble.

origami truffle box

origami box with top

origami square box

diy origami box

I don’t push my top to the base of my box so you can still see the variety of paper patterns and the ribbon handle makes it easier to pull off so you can get to the treats that await you!

origami truffle box

You could easily fit 4-10 truffles in this box depending on how generous you want to be.  Regardless your gift recipient will think you were secretly trained at the Willy Wonka school of fancy chocolatiers… but don’t worry we won’t spill your secret.
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Pun Love

If you like to give gifts outside of the box, we think you’ll like this clever collection of 14 ‘pun’ finds that will let your valentine know how much you love them.
Valentine Pun Gifts
1. Surprise your Star Wars loving valentine with this 3D metal model kit and let them know they are out of this world $12.95
2.  Keep your favorite chips fresh and your V-day gifts fun and practical with this great googly eye chip clip  $3.50
3. This silly solar owl will groove all day long with a little sunshine and Whitney Houston’s classic love song $8.95
4. Love will find a way with some help from this handmade compass $17.95
5.  Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to sweet smelling lotion thanks to our hard working bees $10.95
6.  This magical butterfly will flutter right out of a book or card letting your loved one know they still make your heart flutter 6.95
7.  Pair a ticket to someplace fun with this ‘hello’ luggage tag $10.95 
8.  Keep your hot pots cool and your kitchen steamy with this silly play on words $9.95
9.  This micro-pop makes the perfect gift if your Valentine’s Day plan is to Netflix and chill $29.95
10.  Wave your wand and let the magic begin $14.95
11.  Throw a few atomic fireballs your friend’s way to let them know they are the bomb! $.50
12.  Place a gift card to their favorite shop in this cute cat change purse $4.95
13.  Be mine with a bounce of this mighty high moon ball $9.95
14.  Let your valentine know they make your world more colorful with these bright colored pencils  $7.95
Shop all Valentine goods HERE
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7 delightful DIY valentine mailboxes for the kiddos

Every kid in the class needs a cool place to stash their Valentine’s Day cards. We rounded up quite a few choices for the favorite little boys and girls in your life. These are made from things around the house and can be easily tackled with just a *little* help from the adults.

diy valentine boxes

Keep reading to figure out which sweet mailbox will win your heart…

doy robot valentine mailboxDon’t even think about tossing that empty tissue box…Krissy from B-Inspired Mama is ready to show you how to turn it into a DIY Robot Valentine Mailbox.

diy bee valentine mailbox kidsMomendeavors offers up an adorable Bee Valentine Mailbox–along with free printable bee Valentine cards.

diy teddy bear valentine mailbox kidsJodi from Meaningful Mama can show you how to create this cute Teddy Bear Valentine Mailbox. Check out her full post here.

diy unicorn valentine mailbox kidsWe’ve never met a unicorn we didn’t love and this Unicorn Valentine Mailbox is no exception. Cupid won’t be able to miss this cutie!

diy superman valentine mailbox kidsSend in the superheroes with this Superman Valentine Mailbox. Jaime from Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails shows you how to whip up this craft here.

diy butterfly valentine mailbox kidsUse an empty oatmeal container to create a Butterfly Valentine Mailbox. Want to see how?–head over to I Heart Crafty Things to get the full instructions.

diy lego valentine mailbox kidsCoffee Cups and Crayons calls this Lego Valentine Mailbox a crafty win and we wholeheartedly agree. What a creative use for an empty shoebox!


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surprise snail mail

I know the holiday season is the most popular time to send cards and gifts to those that you love but my favorite time of the year to send pretty packages is Valentine’s Day.  It’s a slower time of the year that isn’t over scheduled. The days are cold and often grey and people aren’t expecting it so it’s even more of a happy surprise.  All of these goodies are easy to slip into a padded envelope for simple shipping.

send a smile

valentine surprise snail mail
1.  Stay cozy and color these cute postcards you can display or send away $7.95
2.   Twelve pencils… twenty-four colors – how cool is that?  $10.95
3.  Delightful dish towels are one thing you can never have too many of… especially when they are made of super thirsty flour sack material $10.95
4.  Let your friends know you think they’re pretty awesome $10.95
5.  Take a break from life by soaking in a hot tub filled with healing bath salts $4.25
6.  A little happy heart for your key chain as a reminder that you are loved $5.95
7.  Spread a sweet sentiment with a pair of pretty socks $8.95
8.  Pair this coaster with an invite to some girl time and glasses of wine $8.95
9.  Celebrate your amazing friends with a handmade photo block $13.95

surprises for the littles

valentine surprise snail mail kids
1.  Cupid may have his arrow but you can transform any pencil into a wand with these clever eraser toppers $4.95
2.  Stretch, shape and watch colors morph before your eyes with this addicting putty  $11.95
3.  We personally think Nerds are so much better than those chalky candy hearts $1.25
4.  Your hair will smell the sweetest when you brush with this wonderful watermelon brush $12.95
5. Sculpt your own personal fan club with this cute kit  $12.95
6. Profess your love with a flowery tattoo $5.95
7.  Finger eyes can turn any hand into a personality $1.95
8.  We love this new take on the classic paint by number books $9.95
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7 charming snail mail ideas

In our world today of cell phones & computers…the art of the hand-written letter that arrives in your mailbox has become a thing of the past for many of us. We say it’s high time to bring back beloved snail mail! No typed email will ever replace the surprise and thrill of receiving a sweet letter, card, or package that’s been thoughtfully put  together.

snail mail ideas

To start this revolution, we’re directing you to a few peeps who know exactly what it takes to create a magnificent piece of mail…

cake mail

I don’t know about you, but finding a piece of ‘cake’ in my mailbox would bring a pretty big smile to my face.  Head over to She Knows to get baking up this terrific treat.

10 snail mail essentialsNot sure about supplies? Whatever Bright Things has the scoop on a good start for your list (and a free stationery printable!)

free printable envelopeYou’re going to need some envelopes for those letters and Gypsee Art has a few adorable designs that we think just may melt your heart.

cool ways to address an envelopeLooking for even more ideas? Check out these 16 Really Cool Ways to Address An Envelope that we came across on The Realistic Mama.

creative snail mail package ideaSend more than a letter–dazzle your recipient with a little package full of surprises. Little Girl Designs has a bunch of great ideas to include in a package.

pocket letter creative snail mailUse a plastic sleeve to send a Pocket Letter to someone special. Find out all about this cute idea over on My Style to a Tea.

heart valentine

You are My Fav proves you don’t have to be super crafty to send send this sweet surprise!  Just head to your local party store to pick up a honeycomb heart and drop it in the mail!


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2017 valentine gift guide

We like to think of Valentine’s Day as a perfect excuse to show your love to the most important people in your tribe so we’ve found some wonderful ways to do just that.


valentine gifts for couples

1. This sentimental book filled with your letters of love is sure to be treasured for years to come $14.95
2.  This marvelous mini journal is destined to be a keepsake once filled in with all the reasons you love someone  $10.95
3. Keep a picture your person close by with this handmade photo holder $12.95
4. Who wouldn’t want to wake up and read this heartfelt seniment when pouring their morning brew $18.95
5.  Always a nice reminder to have next to your night stand $14.95
6.  We are not responsible for what happens after using this oh so delious smelling soap $6.95
7.  Create a keepsake that will be treasured forever with this handmade memory box  $29.95 


galentine gifts

1.  Celebrate the sweet souls in your circle that get you through this roller coaster of life $26.95
2.  So many of our favorite memories are with our friends $13.95
3.  Any gal could use some extra pampering and these shower minis will do just that $10.95
4.  If you’re navigating the murky waters of a relationship or still searching for the one, let this inspiring pewter compass lead the way $17.95
5.  Just coming off a bad break up?  Take out your frustration with a few whacks of this dammit doll $13.95
6. Because don’t donuts make everything better? $5.50
7.  Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage and get ready for some girl talk with this pretty corkcicle tumbler $24.95


valentine gifts for kids

1.  This little ballerina mouse can’t wait to give your little one a kiss on Valentine’s Day $9.95
2.  Let this be a lovely reminder for little ones  $7.95
3.  The best accessories are sweet, cute and edible $.50
4.  Fill this book out and give it to your kiddo for a valentine to remember $10.95
5.  Make this heart holiday even more magical with a sprinkle of fairy dust $8.95
6.  Let your child know they make your world more colorful and sweet just like fruitstripe gum $1.95
7.  You rock valentine! $1.25
8.  Make your Valentine’s Day magical with this unicorn glow in the dark puzzle $11.99

furry valentine

valentines gifts from pets

1.  This handmade photo holder is the perfect place to show off members of your furry family  $13.95
2.  Let everyone know you love your dog with this cute car magnet $8.95
3.  You’re always guaranteed cuddling when you watch a movie with your pug $8.95
4.  If your furry friends could talk… (also available in the dog version) $9.99
5.  Sometimes the best dates are furry and have four legs $12.95
6.   Does your pooch have a key to your heart?  (also available in cat) $7.95
7.  Just in case you need a reminder while you’re away from home “I woof you”  $14.95
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step up your baking game with a tasty roll cake recipe

Roll cakes…we’re willing to bet that you’ve never attempted to make one of these at home (don’t worry, we haven’t either!). They may seem a little intimidating to the average baker, but after doing a little research–we came across a bunch of bloggers that share their very useful tips and tricks for making roll cakes “as easy as pie”.

roll up cake recipes

Roll up your sleeves and get ready to impress your family or guests with a sensational new sweet treat.

red velvet roll cake recipeSally’s Baking Addiction takes the mystery out of this Red Velvet Roll Cake with her clear step-by-step photos of the process. This picture clearly demonstrates that it’s worth the effort.

cookies n cream oreo cake roll recipeHead over to Crazy for Crust to get the scoop on how to translate a classic cookie into an Oreo Cake Roll. Dorothy describes it as DECADENT and we think she hit the nail on the head.

coconut cake roll recipeTreat your tastebuds to this creamy, light, and fluffy Coconut Cake Roll. Savor The Best shares her wonderful recipe right here.

pecan pie roll cake recipeCake or pie? Now you don’t have to decide. Get the best of both worlds in this Pecan Pie Roll Cake! Get this delicious recipe from the gals over on Homemade Interest.

mango roll cake recipeSanna has a magnificent recipe for a Mango Roll Cake on her blog, Woman Scribbles. She starts with a basic chiffon cake then incorporates a delightful mango Swiss meringue buttercream.

peanut butter flourless chocolate roll cake recipeIt will hard to resist a second slice of this Peanut Butter Cup Flourless Cake Roll. Just imagine biting into a creamy peanut butter mousse that’s topped with a chocolate ganache.

cinnamon cake roll recipeYummmmm! We’re already dreaming of enjoying this Cinnamon Cake Roll with a cup of coffee. It just seems like the right thing to do :- )  We found this tempting treat on Will Cook for Smiles.

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