flower fever

Okay… so maybe it’s not a dozen roses, but we have loads of pretty posies that will help take your mind off the chilly temps and snow drifts outside your back door.

1. It’s hard not to be in a spring state of mind when you’re wearing this show stopping scarf $27.95
2.  Celebrate sisterhood with this sweet handmade tile $21.95
3.  Dream of driving someplace warm with this cute succulent planter $14.95
4. Make work a little more bearable with these pretty pens  $11.95
5.  Memories that make us smile are our favorite memories $29.95
6.  Such a bright and beautiful way to keep track of time $59.95
7.  Who couldn’t use a little more purity and harmony in our lives with these lotus flower earrings $9.95 
8.  We love the four seasons of Michigan… but must admit, we’re really looking forward to the ones with flowers right about now $5.95
9.  Do your dish towels need an update?  This flour sack towel is waiting for you  $10.95 
10.  If you’re looking to add a little fun to your sock drawer we recommend these silly sloths donning floral head wreaths that glow in the dark… because how can you not smile when these are on your feet?! $8.95


2018 punny valentine gift guide

1. Let them know you’re a sucker for them with these fun heart lollipop socks  $10.95
2.  Keep your favorite chips fresh and your V-day gifts fun and practical with this great googly eye chip clip  $3.50
3. Fans of elephants will love this scarf knowing you love them a ton $24.95
4. Love will find a way with some help from this handmade compass $17.95
5.  Say goodbye to dry skin and hello to sweet smelling lotion thanks to our hard working bees $10.95
6.  This magical butterfly will flutter right out of a book or card letting your loved one know they still make your heart flutter 6.95
7.  Because some people are simply mermaid for each other  $9.95 
8.  Every time they wear this fruity lip gloss they will be reminded how berry special they are $6.95
9.  When you want to let someone know they are out of this world $15.95
10.  Let them know you’re always in the mood to be with them $9.95
11.  Throw a few atomic fireballs your friend’s way to let them know they are the bomb! $.50
12.  Add a pretty plant to this kitty for a gift that is the cat’s meow  $23.95
13.  Be mine with a bounce of this mighty high moon ball $9.95
14.  Let your valentine know they make your world more colorful with these bright colored pencils  $7.95
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valentine gift guide 2018

We like to think of Valentine’s Day as a perfect excuse to show your love to the most important people in your tribe so we’ve found some wonderful ways to do just that.


1. This sentimental book filled with your letters of love is sure to be treasured for years to come $14.95
2.  This marvelous mini journal is destined to be a keepsake once filled in with all the reasons you love someone  $10.95
3. Keep a picture your person close by with this handmade photo holder $12.95
4. Let them know you love them to pieces with this one of a kind handmade heart $11.95+
5. When you want to let them know you’ll never leave their side $19.95
6.  Lots love lovey dovey quotes on this sweet typewriter sign $44.95
7.  Create a keepsake that will be treasured forever with this handmade memory box $29.95


1. These classic lip balms will give you the best tasting lips in town  $6.95
2.  So many of our favorite memories are with our friends $13.95
3.  Pizza dates are the best way to fast forward though this holiday with your galentines $8.95
4.  If you’re navigating the murky waters of a relationship or still searching for the one, let this inspiring pewter compass lead the way $17.95
5.  Just coming off a bad break up?  Take out your frustration with a few whacks of this dammit doll $13.95
6. Because don’t donuts make everything better? $5.50
7.  Cozy up with your favorite warm beverage and get ready for some girl talk with this pretty corkcicle tumbler $24.95

for the littles

1.  This magic sequin pouch is pretty and so fun to play with! $9.95
2.  Let this be a lovely reminder for little ones  $7.95
3.  Because glitter is always a good idea $9.95
4.  This metallic purple putty is a perfect addition to your collection for Valentine’s Day $3.95+
5.  Make this heart holiday even more magical with your own unicorn horn $5.95
6.  Stack these sweet hearts on top of each other for a pretty portable marker set  $3.95
7.  You rock valentine! $1.25
8.  Let them know you love them to the depths of the sea with this cool glow-in-the dark puzzle $11.99

my furry valentine

1.  This handmade photo holder is the perfect place to show off members of your furry family  $13.95
2. Sometimes the best dates are furry and have four legs $12.95
3. What better to write love notes with?  $3.95
4. Just what the doctor ordered $15
5.  One of our favorite reasons to come home $12.95
6.  Coffee and cuddles with your pooch – yes and yes $16.95
7.  Just in case you need a reminder while you’re away from home “I woof you”  $14.95
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six diy door decorations for valentine’s day

Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so let’s celebrate with these six darling door decorations!

First, we have this adorable felt wreath. While it’s a bit time-consuming to make, we just love the end result – and it’s easy to master, too!

This door hanger can be made for less than $15, and looks incredibly charming! We love the letters over the newspaper print.

This printable garland is cute enough to go anywhere, but it would look especially sweet across a door! All you need is cardstock and ribbon; it couldn’t be easier to make.

For a more effort-heavy garland, try this option! There are two separate designs, and you can mix and match as much as you like.

This DIY option is intended to be put in front of a window, but we think this would look very sweet hanging in a doorway as well.

Finally, we have another wreath – this one more rustic-looking, but no less adorable.


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sweet snail mail

I know the holiday season is the most popular time to send cards and gifts to those that you love but my favorite time of the year to send pretty packages is Valentine’s Day.  It’s a slower time of the year that isn’t over scheduled. The days are cold and often grey and people aren’t expecting it so it’s even more of a happy surprise.  All of these goodies are easy to slip into a padded envelope for simple shipping.

1.  What makes you smile more than seeing your favorite people? $12.95
2.  Because it’s always important to be prepared for emergencies  $4.95
3.  Just in case your friend needs a reminder $9.95
4.  Pizza money… always good to have on hand when you get a little hangry $6.95
5.  Soak up spills in a second with the help from this thirsty fox $6.95
6.  This cute enamel pin couldn’t have said it better $8.95
7.  Let them know you love them a ton with these sweet elephant earrings $9.95

1.  For sparkly lips and magical adventures  $5.95
2.  Send hedgehogs and kisses with these cute socks  $7.95
3.  Does gum come sweeter than fruit stripe?  $1.95
4.  Homework is always more fun when you have some help from a unicorn $3.95
5.  Let them know they’re super fly with this cool thinking putty $14.95
6.  A perfect way to pass the time on a cold winter day $9.95
7.  I hear there are extra cooties around on Valentine’s Day $14.99
8.  Color the gray days away with these magical markers that change colors $8.95


seven sweet snack mixes!

Though the holiday season may be over, the sweet treats don’t have to be! Make any of these delicious sweet snack mixes for your family, and you’re sure to have a crowd-pleaser.

First up, we have this easily customizable cookie mix. No matter what sort of cookie treats you add to it, this is sure to be delicious for kids and adults alike!

It made be a little early to start thinking about Valentine’s Day treats, but we couldn’t resist including this delectable-looking puppy chow! It’s flavored like strawberries and cream; it’s a simple combination but one that’s impossible to resist.

This garden-themed puppy chow is sure to be fun to make and for your kids to eat! Add in a couple gummy worms to each serving and watch them have a blast doing some “digging”.

This puppy chow, made with Apple Chex and Milky Way bars, is the perfect blend of caramel and apples. Of course, this can also be customized to just be chocolate and caramel flavored with regular Chex!

We love the idea of these Andes mint-flavored muddy buddies! Chocolate and mint, together in a snack bowl – what could be better?

For another flavor of muddy buddies, try these – they taste like cotton candy! It’s a sweet and delicious treat.

To wrap this up, we have another Valentine’s Day-themed treat. This puppy chow tastes just like red velvet cake, and when it’s topped off with little red hearts, it makes a perfect Valentine’s Day treat.

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making days brighter in 2017

One new year tradition we enjoy is looking back at the past 365 days and reflecting on how we made days brighter. Here are some of our favorites…

233 sherpa socks given away to firefly fans on Small Business Saturday
60 sixty dollar gift card books donated to local charities
2341 (or maybe a few more) bubbles chased by our doorways in Ann Arbor and Rochester
2992 dollars given to Haven and Cass Community from change collected from our firefly fans
36 sixty-three dollar shopping spree winners
129 pounds of food donated to Open Hands Food Pantry during our holiday open house
1276 dollars donated to charity water from selling over 300 mudlove bracelets
100 seeds of happiness sent to people who could use a smile on World Smile Day
1004 dollars donated to THAW from gift wrapping tips during the holiday season
Thank YOU for sharing these great times with us in 2017!


firefly favorites for the new year

With the new year comes new goals, new plans and new ways of starting fresh.  Here are few goodies that are inspiring our firefly team for 2018.

I love the idea of a short, morning ritual of journaling about what I will let go of, what I’m grateful for, and what I will focus on. In the new year Im hoping to live with more mindfulness and intention, and was so happy when I found this while browsing at catching fireflies. So excited to start the new year with this book! $14.95

With the new year comes new promises to myself, and this is one of the big ones. I’m going to spend my year finding truths and helping others, and this magnet on my fridge will keep reminding me all year long what I’ve got to do! $4.95

My resolution for 2018 is to reach out to family and friends with a written note. Texting is fast, but everyone loves a little mail in the actual mailbox! $12.95

One of my goals for the new year is to stop eating out so much, and this book is full of great recipes to keep me from just making spaghetti every night! $16.95

So, excited for The Happiness Code book to be the first read for 2018. Keeping me “on point” with real examples to be the best version of me through a new year. $16.99

This past year has been one of big transitions for me… most notably deciding to stop wholesaling our handmade frames & moving out of our studio/warehouse. Big changes like these are never easy so this is a valuable perspective for me moving into 2018. $29.95

My resolution for 2018 is to travel more. Now that I have a child living on the other side of the country, I plan to do more adventurous travel to see her and the fascinating place she calls home. A luggage tag is necessary! $8.95

Since I won’t be 39 forever, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start giving my brain some more exercise. This book gives some great ideas that will help me stimulate my brain in the new year! Neurobics 2018, here I come! $8.95

I am really on a health kick heading into 2018 and along with working out I need a healthy alternative to my usual snacks. This beautiful cookbook is packed with vegan, gluten free bites that will keep my energy up and power me through my day! $16.95

2017 brought a big move and a career change for me, and this saying will remind me in 2018 that whatever I dream for myself I can accomplish. $24.95

You can not go wrong with this book by Maya Angelou. If you are looking for words of wisdom and encouragement for the new year, Rainbow in the Cloud is a must read. Finding peace and happiness will make your rainbow shine brighter in 2018! $20
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2018 resolutions

Looking for some inspiration to make this year more memorable?  Here are few reminders that will bring a little more light into your life.
1.  Because we are in charge of what direction we’re driving our lives $8.95
2.  An ongoing action that helps keep things in perspective $29.95
3.  Sometimes it’s helpful to a have a reminder when you don’t feel so shiny $13.95
4.  Because often it’s the little moments that become the big memories $10.95
5.  Pay attention to the tiny pleasures that make your world so wonderful $9.95
6.  Because sometimes we forget that it’s a choice $4.95
7.  Big change takes lot of small steps over a long period of time… keep going $6.95
8.  Life is better when you live in community $27.95
9.  Taking a break to meditate can make all the difference $13.95


new year’s eve goodies

1.  Never guess which glass is yours with some help from these elegant wine writers  9.95
2.  For a more low key way to ring in the new year… $3.95
3.  Write your wishes for the new year on this magical paper and watch them fly to the sky at stroke of midnight $11.95
4.  Impress your drink snob friends with these large square ice cubes $10.95
5. Now here is a toast your troop can raise their glasses to $5.50
6. It’s important always to keep a free hand for snacking on bite sized treats and these wine glass plate toppers solve that problem  $21.95


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