mighty tasty mini lasagnas

I like lasagna.  What I don’t like is how long it takes to make.  How long it takes to bake.  How much it makes…. I know you could freeze it, but once a dish finds it’s way into my freezer – it is never to be found again.  So when I discovered this twist on the classic dish I was sold!

Here’s what you need…

marinara sauce, ricotta cheese, mozzarella cheese, Parmesan cheese, won ton wraps, Italian seasoning and ground beef/sausage if desired

You can find won ton wraps in the produce section in most grocery stores.

Simply spray the cupcake pan with Pam & place one won ton wrap in each cup.  Next layer sauce & cheeses, then repeat.  Sprinkle with Italian seasonings & bake at 375 degrees for 18-20 minutes.  Let cool for 5 minutes & pop out with a knife.  Depending on your appetite, figure 2-4 cups per person for a hearty dinner.

For more tasty recipes made in a muffin tin check out this wonderful recipe book, Muffin Tin Chef. (I can’t wait to make the fish tacos next!)

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103 thoughts on “mighty tasty mini lasagnas

  1. where did you find your wontons? I couldn’t find any so I tried regular lasagna noodles – not too impressed

    1. I just found them in the produce section at my local grocery store. The wontons get crispy around the edges when baked… we really enjoyed them.

    2. Typically you will find them kinda by the wholly guacamole stuff that’s refrigerated in the produce section at your grocery store

      1. I have also used eggroll wraps when my local grocery store was out of the won ton wrappers. I just cut the egg roll sheet in fours to make it about the size of the wontons. They turned out great!

    3. I made these for my family and they were a hit! I want to share them with my sons swim team at a pot luck tomorrow but worried that there is no oven there to reheat them. There is a microwave oven though. Have you tried reheating them in this manner?

      1. Happy to hear the lasagna cups were a hit! You could reheat them in a microwave but they do taste best when reheated in an oven. Hope the boys like them too :-)

  2. I just wanted to let you know that these are amazing :) I’ve already made them two nights in a row and they disappear fast! Thanks so much!!

  3. We didn’t really care for this. The won ton skins tastes sort of strange & weren’t the right consistence of lasagna noodles. It wasn’t terrible, just not something I would fix again.

    1. try using pasta sheets that you can cut your own pasta these work really nice. wet them a little and cover with foil to bake will not be crispy

  4. I could not find the won ton wraps for the life of me….so tomorrow I am going to try the Filo dough…..I figure that would be a much lighter dough than the heavy pastry dough!!….WISH ME LUCK! :)

    1. Well the filo dough was OK….it was quite flaky,it still tastes really good though….I can see the difference between the wonton wraps vs filo dough. Everyone still liked the fact it was something different and yummy!!!

  5. I used the egg roll wraps for the bottom and just trimmed them a little. They covered the entire cup and reduced the mess from meling cheese in the lower levels. Then I used the trimmings for the layers. Everyone loved them and they do freeze well. 30 minutes from start to finish!

  6. I found the wonton wrappers at a Meijer buy the produce near the Asian section. They were kinda chilled, by the mushrooms.. hope this helps anyone looking for them.

  7. If I wanted to add the ground beef/sausage, do I cook the meat separately first before piling it on as a layer or pile it on raw and then bake everything together?

      1. Great, easy recipe! I made them with small frozen meatballs that I defrosted in the microwave first. I cut the meatballs in half and put them on the bottom layer. Very tasty and with this being such an easy recipe, the meatballs are an easy way to go if you want meat. Thinking of serving these at a shower!

  8. I love that you post such great pics and clear info with this recipe. I was even wondering what marinara sauce you used and there it is in the pic. Thanks..wil definitely try this!

  9. Is there anything I can substitute for the ricotta cheese? Would cream cheese work? or cottage cheese? I’m afraid it will taste strange if I use cottage cheese, but that is what my mom always used when baking lasagna.

    1. If you normally use cottage cheese for your lasagna, it will not taste strange to you at all! I have a friend who always used Cottage cheese when she made lasagna!

  10. Hey there, made these tonight and I just LOVE them.
    I used my own version of sauce and did a fresh oregano, basil and garlic seasoning. My husband just LOVED them!
    Thanks for the recipe.

    Next time I’ll add (sneak) in zucchini and squash. :)
    OH and I repinned this on Pinterest.

  11. Awesome! Very quick and Easy and Cheaper to make, I did not have ricotta so used cottage cheese small curd and still good. Thanks, My family loved it!

  12. This recipe is perfect for me. I live alone and the thought of making an entire lasagna just for one person is a little overwhelming. This way I can make 2,3,4, or how many I think would be good for my dinner, along with a salad. Thanks for the great photos…very helpful.

  13. I haven’t made these yet, but I could kiss you. I’ve been craving lasagna but haven’t felt like forking out the effort (or the cleanup)
    Tomorrow night this is definitely dinner.

  14. Made these tonight using my homemade sauce (has italian sausage and our fresh garden tomatoes in it)that I have been freezing to use later. It was great – very tasty, and not as heavy as regular lasagna! Easy to make! Will be making it again! Thanks for the recipe!

  15. I made these for dinner and they were fantastic!! So easy and simple ingredients! I used some hot sausage in the mix; really jazzed it up! This is definitely a keeper,

    1. I have not since they are so quick to whip up… but it seems like it would be okay – I’m just not sure if the sauce would soak into the wonton wraps & change the consistency.

  16. I just made these this afternoon but froze them before cooking (that’s how Stouffer’s lasagna is when you buy it frozen). I’m doing a OAMC session today. Will let you know how they turned out.

  17. Super recipe, I also used the same idea with refried beans, taco meat and cheddar cheese. Topped with sour cream and salsa, it was a home run for sure. Next–chicken and alfredo sauce with broccoli, mac-n-cheese with ham and the possibilities are endless!!!

  18. I just made these for a potluck party I am going to tonight and they are delicious! My husband, who is uber picky, loved them as well. I used meat sauce, instead of just plain tomato sauce and they taste soooo good! Thanks for the great recipe!!!

  19. This recipe was awesome! I loved that I can share it with my meat eating friends and no one has to sacrifice, since they are individual. We made them all cheese this time, but we will probably make some new ones next time. Loved the crispy edges and since we’re all apparently barbarians, we loved that you can eat them with your hands. We posted pictures to our blog at: http://pinterestingevenings.blogspot.com/2012/09/thursday-night-eats-9612.html and I hope you will check it out! Thanks for a great recipe!

  20. April,
    Thank you SO MUCH for showing the ingredients and the steps involved in making these delicious mini lasagnas! My 5-year-old son loves to cook with me but typically, there’s a limit to what he can do. BUT, I showed him the photos; and then, I sprayed the pan, made two examples showing him what to do and he did all the rest (22) by himself! He was beaming at the dinner table and everyone LOVED the mini lasagnas! Thanks for making our night special! ;-)

  21. I made a similar recipe tonight but, went for a Mexican theme. I shredded chicken that had been in the cooker with taco seasoning and a can of chicken broth for 4-5 hours. I always sprinkle taco seasoning after spreading as well to give it a bit more flavor. Then prepared my shells by spraying with Pam, sprinkled a bit of cumin and onion powder in each. Put chicken in each cup, spoon in some cream cheese and topped with cheddar cheese or Mexican mix. I could only bake mine at 350 for 12 minutes. Served with Mexican rice and a salad. YUMMY! Can’t wait to try these Italian style.

  22. I found these little gems on pinterest. Although my kids never turn down lasagna (or any type of pasta) I had to try it. This has become their most requested dinner. even my picky 3 1/2 year old eats them! Thank you for sharing this with us!

  23. Hi April,

    I absolutely love this recipe and have shared it with family and friends. Such an easy and yummy recipe. Just for fun, I plan to experiment with different ingredients to fill the wontons. Thank you for an awesome recipe!

  24. Made them tonite very easy cups are kinda awkward to place more than one won ton wrapper in cupcake tins
    So I tore one to small pieces and placed on top for another layer worked out great very yummy will make again

  25. Made this last week for my husband and I. Very quick, easy and tasty. Followed the recipe and had no problems. I browned some hot ground italian sausage we had in the freezer and added that to it. I served the lasagna cups with garlic toast and we both loved it! I will be making this again. Thanks for the recipe!

  26. This just made next week’s recipe list. I usually do frozen lasagna but this looks super fun and I’m going to have the kids help me make them. Can’t wait. :) Thanks for the share!

  27. Hello, this sounds like an aMAZING alternative to large lasagna. Was thinking of making vegi lasagna the other night but I don’t have any ricotta or cottage cheeses. Does anyone know what would happen if I tried to make it w/o and just added mozerella?

  28. My neice told me about the pin and how to make them. I was really impressed that they looked just like your pictures. The recipe is easy, fast and delicious. Thanks so much

  29. Mine are in the oven now, & this is my 2nd time making them- SO easy! I do brown a pound of ground beef & use spaghetti sauce. My husband thinks ricotta is the ONLY way to make lasagna! I use an Italian cheese blend, too. I had to ask someone at Kroger where to find the won ton wraps after searching in produce. He found them immediately! This last time, I was in Walmart & ran across them in the freezer section. I also don’t get 24 out of them, but I have to pile in the meat & sauce for my husband. I’m interested in trying the taco versions others have mentioned. So versatile!

  30. This was an awesome recipe! I added ground beef to mine, and my 3 year old loved them. My only problem was that my won ton wraps did not brown very well. They tasted uncooked. I wasn’t sure if I missed a step or something. I left them in the oven for over 20 minutes, but they just wouldn’t cook. Any suggestions?

  31. made these tonight and used egg roll wraps also added ground beef (browned seperate) we did not add a middle wrap (meat, sauce, cheeses, meat, sauce, cheeses) and they turned out soo well, everyone loved them…. this will be on the menu again very soon!! fast and easy to make!! love them, thank you :)

  32. Looks great and fun to take to a party. However, this will take longer than just making a lasagna! Boiling noodles may be the difference in time, but after that’s done, it’s just layering noodles, pasta sauce (jars of it are almost as good as homemade), cheeses and ground beef/turkey.

  33. Looks awesome! Going to a girls party tonight. Should I make right before I leave? (30 min away from house) Should I bake and then reheat? Make in the morning bake later today?

    1. These go together pretty quickly. You could make & bake them right before you leave & then maybe just pop them in your host’s oven before serving so they’re nice & hot. They reheat very nicely. Have fun!

  34. These were not good at all. I left them in for shorter othan called for and they still turned out to hard. The taste and texture wasn’t there either.sorry.

  35. I just made these and they were a hit! I browned my hamburger, then threw it in the slow cooker with spaghetti sauce and 2 C cottage cheese. I let it simmer for a couple of hours, then followed the pictures above with the cheese and wonton wrappers. Will definitely be making these again! Thanks.

  36. Just made alot of these.. made some of the lasagna… some with Tysons grilled steak n cream cheese n mozz cheese… then made some with taco meat n cream cheese n mont jack cheese.. What a hit!! Thanks for the idea!!!

  37. These were delicious. Usually the first time I make stuff it doesn’t quite turn out. These looked just like yours. The family loved them.

  38. Im gonna make these Friday night cant wait, will be fun to make with my daughter. Thanx a bunch. Lol i seen these in a magazine like 2yrs ago but now im gonna try them out.

  39. I was thinking that the texture of this would present a problem for me, but if I were to par-boil the lasagna noodles, they would retain their texture through the baking process.

  40. I absolutely loved this recipe. I added a small portion of lean beef to the red sauce, and mixed italian cheese & garlic into the ricotta. Other than that, followed it to a tee and they were to die for. I made a double batch for leftovers.. Plan didn’t work our as they are all gone. ;-) Thanks for sharing!

  41. Thank you so much for this recipe! And the Step by Step instructions made it so easy for my 5 & 7 year old boys to follow along! They did all the work! Thanks for making dinner fun!

  42. My daughter and I made these for our girl`s night in. I can’t believe how easy they were and turned out awesome! We used ground beef too. I have never posted anything on a site before so thank you so much for posting this fun, easy, delicious recipe.

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