fanciful fairy wings

It’s been a bit since my last craft project so it was time to see what I could whip up for the Fairy Tale Gathering in Ann Arbor this past Sunday.  Many of the little girls who attend this festive event dress up so I took on the challenge to make some pretty purple fairy wings for Lolo.

diy fairy wings with tulleI didn’t want the wings to be giant since she is only 14 months and relatively new at this walking thing.  After poking around our basement, I found 14″ zip ties which shaped up to be a quite delightful fairy wing base.


I positioned and hot glued the wings on a piece of felt and then covered the center with a faux flower bloom from the dollar store.  I then tied two 16″ long pieces of elastic that would slip easily over her arms.


I cut up a spools worth of tulle into 7″ pieces and ‘bookmark’ tied them on the zip ties.  Once the tulle fluffs were on, I trimmed them accordingly.


diy tulle fairy wings

They were the perfect addition to this cute summer dress (on sale at Old Navy for only $9!) These wings are light weight and Lolo wore them like a champ -never once trying to take them off.


Quite the cute #fairyspotting at our #annarbor #catchingfireflies today #fairytalegathering #kerrytown #ourlillolo #littlefairy

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She had lots of fun being oohed and aahed over by our firefly fans as she fluttered around the catching fireflies courtyard.  It’s a tough job being so cute ;-)

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